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Agricultural Chemistry[1] Applied Chemical Kinetics[2] Bioinorganic Chemistry[2]
Catalysis[2] Chemical Thermodynamics[1] Chemistry[10]
Combinatorial Chemistry[1] Computational Chemistry[9] Crystallography[2]
Electrochemistry[1] Environmental Chemistry[1] Inorganic Chemistry [1]
Metallurgy Mineralogy[1] Nuclear Chemistry[3]
Organic Chemistry[6] Organic Chemistry Laboratory[1] Physical Chemistry[11]
Physical Chemistry III[1] Polymer Chemistry[1] Quantum Chemistry[16]
Solid State Chemistry[2] Spectroscopy[2] Theoretic Chemistry[4]

Book News: Chemistry

Basic Research Needs: Catalysis for Energy
Category :Catalysis  Language: clicks: 55
Basic Research Needs: Catalysis for Energy Contents:Grand Challenges in Catalysis as a Multidisciplinary Science and Technology; Advanced Catalysts for the Conversion of Heavy Fossil Energy Feedstocks; Advanced Catalysts for the Photo- and E . . . . .
Nanotechnology in Catalysis
Category :Catalysis  Language: clicks: 49
Contents: Section I reviews the new concepts and applications of nanotechnology for catal- ysis. Chapter 1 provides an overview on how nanotechnology impacts catalyst prepa- ration with more control . . . . .
Introduction to Electronic Structure Methods
Category :Solid State Chemistry  Language: clicks: 52
Contents: Introduction to computational quantum chemistry; Basic Principles of quantum mechanics; Basis functions in quantum chemistry; An Introduction to Hartree Fock Theory; n Introduction to Config . . . . .
Agricultural Chemistry
Category :Agricultural Chemistry  Language: clicks: 61
Agricultural Chemistry The present book is a collection of ten original research articles and reports, associated with selected topics in agricultural chemistry. The discussed issues are organized in four sections: Classifi . . . . .
Category :Electrochemistry  Language: clicks: 66
Electrochemistry Electrochemistry has been undergoing significant transformations in the last few decades. It is now the province of academics interested only in measuring thermodynamic properties of solutions and of . . . . .
Notes on Quantum Chemistry
Category :Quantum Chemistry  Language: clicks: 43
Notes on Quantum Chemistry Contents: A Brief Review of Elementary Quantum Chemistry; Computational Quantum Chemistry; An Introduction to Electronic Structure Theory; Atomic Term Symbols; Term Symbol Example; Elementary Linear . . . . .

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