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Chemical principles. Third edition.
Author: Dickerson, Richard E. and Gray, Harry B. and Haight, Gilbert P  Language:
This edition of Chemical Principles, like its predecessors, is designed to be used in a general university chemistry course which must provide both an overview of chemistry for nonspecialists and a so . . . . .
Nature of the Chemical Bond.
Author: Goddard, William A., III  Language:
Contents: Chapter 1 Summary: It is assumed that all students reading this material have had some course (e.g., the traditional semester of a junior-level physical chemistry course) presenting the basi . . . . .
Chemistry Data Book
Author: C. B. Thomas  Language:
This Data Book contains a selection of information and data which is relevant to the Chemistry Courses at York.
Author: Prof. Ivano Bertini  Language:
Nel corso vengono studiate la struttura della materia e la sua trasformazione, attraverso reazioni chimiche, qui sono riportati in 30 lezioni riassunti delle lezioni svolte.
General Chemistry I
Author: Dr. Michael Blaber  Language:
First semester undergraduate general chemistry. These pages contain material relating to a first semester undergraduate course in general chemistry. A typical semster course would cover this material . . . . .
Lecture Notes: General Chemistry I
Author: Darin J. Ulness  Language:
Course notes for the first semester of general chemisty. Notes are broken down by lecture topic. 168p table of contents and index
Honors General Chemistry II
Author: Darin J. Ulness  Language:
This is a set of notes for the second half of an honors general chemistry course. There is a stong emphasis on physical concepts including quantum mechanics and thermodynamics. Click on the course not . . . . .
chem1 virtual textbook
Author: Stephen Lower  Language:
The Chem1 Virtual Textbook provides comprehensive, in-depth coverage of the major topics in General Chemistry at the university and advanced-HS levels. It is best used as a reference text to suppleme . . . . .
Molecular orbital theory
Author: Ballhausen, Carl A. and Gray, Harry B.  Language:
These notes are based on lectures on molecular orbital theory that we have presented at the University of Copenhagen and Columbia University. They were designed primarily for advanced-undergraduate an . . . . .
Electrons and Chemical Bonding
Author: Gray, Harry B.  Language:
THIS BOOK WAS DEVELOPED from my lectures on chemical bonding in Chemistry 10 at Columbia in in the spring of 1962, and is mainly intended for the undergraduate student in chemistry who desires an intr . . . . .

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