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Mathematics Logic

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Logic for Computer Science: Foundations of Automatic Theorem Proving
Author: Jean Gallier  Language:
This book is intended as an introduction to mathematical logic, with an emphasis on proof theory and procedures for constructing formal proofs of formulae algorithmically. Since the main emphasis o . . . . .
Logica Matematica
Author:   Language:
Buone dispense del corso di Logica Matematica della laurea in informatica.
A Second Course in Logic
Author: Christopher Gauker  Language:
Contents: Introduction; First-order Validity; The Soundness Theorem for First-order Logic; The Completeness Theorem for Truth-functional Logic; The Completeness Theorem for First-order Logic; Prelimin . . . . .
Logic and Proof
Author: Paulson  Language:
Contents: 1 Introduction and Learning Guide 2 Propositional Logic 3 Proof Systems for Propositional Logic 4 Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams 5 First-order Logic 6 Formal Reasoning in First-Order . . . . .

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