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Corba[1] DB2[4] Oracle

The Theory of Relational Databases
Author: Dr. David Maier   Language:
The Theory of Relational Databases Contents:Relations and Relation Schemes; Relational Operators; More Operations on Relations; Functional Dependencies; Covers for Functional Dependencies; Databases and Normal Forms; Multivalued Depend . . . . .
Database Performance Tuning on AIX
Author: IBM  Language:
This IBM Redbook is designed to help system designers, system administrators, and database administrators design, size, implement, maintain, monitor, and tune a Relational Database Management System ( . . . . .
Object-Oriented Database Management Systems Revisited
Author: Gregory McFarland Dr. Andy Rudmik David Lange  Language:
This report provides an update to our report of the state of the art of Object-Oriented Database Management Systems (OODBMS). The objective of this report is to provide the reader with an understandin . . . . .
Foundations of Object-Relational Mapping
Author: Mark L. Fussell  Language:
This document describes general concepts needed for object-relational mapping. It can serve as an introduction to the issues involved in doing object-relational mapping in general and can provide the . . . . .

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