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Device Drivers

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Linux Device Drivers
Author: J Corbet, A. Rubini, and G. Kroah-Hartman  Language:
Linux Device Drivers Contents: An Introduction to Device Drivers; Building and Running Modules; Char Drivers; Debugging Techniques; Concurrency and Race Conditions; Advanced Char Driver Operations; Time, Delays, and Defe . . . . .
Writing Device Drivers Book for the Solaris 8 OS
Author: Sun Microsystems Inc.  Language:
This book provides information on developing device drivers for character-oriented devices, block-oriented devices, and SCSI target and HBA devices for the Solaris(tm) operating environment. This book . . . . .
Streams Programming Guide
Author: Sun Microsystems Inc.  Language:
This book describes the STREAMS facilities for UNIX(tm) system communications services in the Solaris(tm) environment. For application developers, this book includes information about constructing, us . . . . .
Writing PCMCIA Device Drivers
Author: Sun Microsystems Inc.  Language:
Writing PCMCIA Device Drivers presents a brief overview of PC Card technology and provides information on the Solaris UNIX implementation of the PC Card Standard. It also describes how to write a PC . . . . .
Network Interface Guide: Solaris 8
Author: Sun Microsystems Inc.  Language:
This book presents the most basic interfaces that allow an application developer to construct networking applications: Internet domain sockets, XTI and TLI, transport selection, and mappings between n . . . . .

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