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Genetic Algorithms

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Mathematics -> ... -> Genetic Algorithms

Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming
Author: Peter Ross  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Darrel Whitley's GA tutorial; Supplementary notes on GA; PGA: pratical issues; Job and Open Shop Scheduling; Games, the Prisoner's Dilemma and Strategies; Some applications of . . . . .
An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
Author: Mitchell Melanie  Language:
An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms Contents: An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms; Genetic Algorithms: An Overview; Genetic Algorithms in Problem Solving; Genetic Algorithms in Scientific Models; Theoretical Foundations of Genetic Alg . . . . .
Genetic Algorithms: Theory and Applications
Author: Ulrich Bodenhofer  Language:
Contents: * Genetic algorithms and variants * Analysis * Genetic programming * Applications in machine learning and fuzzy systems * Classifier systems.

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