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Introduction to Programming Using Java
Author: by David M. Arnow, Gerald Weiss  Language:
Introduction to Programming Using Java Using the Java language, this book introduces the beginning computer science student to the concepts of class, object, and message in the first chapter. This object-oriented approach is used throughou . . . . .
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, Java Version
Author: Allen B. Downey  Language:
Teaches the readers to think like a computer scientist, gaining the skill of problem-solving using Java
Thinking in Patterns with Java
Author: Bruce Eckel  Language:
This is not an introductory book. I am assuming that you have worked your way through Thinking in Java or an equivalent text before coming to this book. In addition, I assume you have more than jus . . . . .
Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language
Author: Sun  Language:
This Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language document contains the standard conventions that we at Sun follow and recommend that others follow. It covers filenames, file organization, inden . . . . .
Thinking in Java, 3rd Edition, Final Version
Author: Bruce Eckel  Language:
The best programming book about Java, without error, with many instructive examples.

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