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Quantum Computing

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Quantum Computer Science
Author: David Mermin  Language:
Contents: Fundamental Properties of Cbits and Qbits; Quantum Computation: General features and some simple examples; Breaking RSA Encryption with a Quantum Computer: Shor’s Factoring Algorithm; Searc . . . . .
Introductory lecture notes on quantum information and computation
Author: Michael Nielsen  Language:
Eight introductory lectures on quantum information and computation, given at the University of Queensland Quantum Information and Computation Summer School (QICSS) in 2002. The lectures are provide . . . . .
A Rosetta Stone for Quantum Computation
Author: Samuel J. Lomonaco  Language:
The purpose of these lecture notes is to provide readers, who have some mathematical background but little or no exposure to quantum mechanics and quantum computation, with enough material to begin re . . . . .
Introduzione al quantum computing
Author: Marco Ivaldi  Language:
Introduzione al quantum computing Il Quantum Computing nasce dall’unione tra Teoria dell’Informazione classica, Informatica e Fisica Quantistica. Questo breve e-book vuole essere un’introduzione al Quantum Computing e all’argomento mo . . . . .
The idiots guide to Quantum Error Correction
Author: Simon J. Devitt, Kae Nemoto, William J. Munro  Language:
Abstract: Quantum Error Correction and fault-tolerant quantum computation represent arguably the most vital theoretical aspect of quantum information processing. It was well known from the early devel . . . . .
Computazione Quantistica
Author: Alessandra Di Pierro  Language:
Computazione quantistina: Quantum bits, Circuti quantistici, Algoritmi quantistici, Cenni di meccanica quantistica, Cenni di computabilita\' classica, Algoritmi di ricerca, realizzazione computer quan . . . . .
An Introduction to Quantum Computing for Non-Physicists
Author: Eleanor G. Rieffel, Wolfgang Polak  Language:
The aim of this paper is to guide computer scientists and other non-physicists through the conceptual and notational barriers that separate quantum computing from conventional computing. We introduce . . . . .
A Physics-Free Introduction to the Quantum Computation Model
Author: Stephen A. Fenner  Language:
This article defines and proves basic properties of the standard quantum circuit model of computation. The model is developed abstractly in close analogy with (classical) deterministic and probabilist . . . . .

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