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Mastering Regular Expressions
Author: Jeffrey E.F. Friedl  Language:
This book is about a powerful tool called "regular expressions." Here, you will learn how to use regular expressions to solve problems and get the most out of tools that provide them. Not only that, . . . . .
Beginning Perl
Author: Simon Cozens  Language:
Beginning Perl Contents: * Installing Perl on Windows and UNIX * Making use of online Perl resources like CPAN * First principles in programming and the Perl syntax * Working with files and datab . . . . .
Extreme Perl
Author: Robert Nagler  Language:
Extreme Perl is a book about Extreme Programming using the programming language Perl. The site contains the entire book in HTML or PDF.
Learning Perl the Hard Way
Author: Allen B. Downey  Language:
Learning Perl the Hard Way Why this book: a book for people who already know how to program in another language, but don\'t know Perl; a book that gets through the basics as quickly as possible. I\'m sick of reading about the p . . . . .
The Perl Pocket Reference
Author: Johan Vromans  Language:
The Perl Pocket Reference The Guide contains a concise description of all Perl statements, functions, variables and lots of other useful information. The purpose of the Reference Guide is to aid in the use of Perl, to look . . . . .
Perl Manual (Texinfo version)
Author: Texinfo version by Jeff Kellem  Language:
This Texinfo manual describes PERL, the Practical Extraction and Report Language. The manual is, currently, mainly a conversion of Larry Wall's original unix-style man page into Texinfo format. In the . . . . .
Web Client Programming with Perl
Author: By Clinton Wong  Language:
Web Client Programming with Perl Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Demystifying the Browser Chapter 3: Learning HTTP Chapter 4: The Socket Library Chapter 5: The LWP Library Chapter 6: Example LWP Programs Chapter 7: . . . . .

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