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Mathematical Statistics for Economists
Author: A.M. Mood, F.A. Graybill, and D.C. Boes  Language:
Contents: Probability; Random Variables, Distribution Functions, and Expectation; Special Parametric Families of Univariate Distributions; Joint and Conditional Distributions, Stochastic Independence, . . . . .
Statistics of Financial Markets
Author: J. Franke, W. Härdle, C. Hafner  Language:
Statistics of Financial Markets Contents: Option Pricing; Derivatives; Introduction to Option Management; Basic Concepts of Probability Theory; Stochastic Processes in Discrete Time; Stochastic Integrals and Differential Equation; B . . . . .
Statistical Tools for Finance and Insurance
Author: P. Cizek, W. Härdle, R. Weron  Language:
Contents: Part I Finance 1 Stable Distributions 2 Extreme Value Analysis and Copulas 3 Tail Dependence 4 Pricing of Catastrophe Bonds 5 Common Functional IV Analysis 6 Implied Trinomi . . . . .

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