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International Trade

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International Trade: Theory and Evidence
Author: J. Markusen, J. R. Melvin, W. Keampfer, K. E. Maskus  Language:
International Trade: Theory and Evidence A comprehensive, balanced text, International Trade: Theory and Evidence is the perfect book for International Trade courses at the undergraduate level. It is appropriate either as part of a two-term . . . . .
Sources of International Comparative Advantage
Author: Edward Leamer (UCLA)  Language:
Contents: introduction 1_Theories_of_International_Trade 2_Testing_the_Theories_of_International_Comparative_Advantage 3_Formation_of_the_Trade_Aggregates 4_Data Preview 5_Econometric_Methods 6_ . . . . .
Advanced Topics in International Trade
Author: Pol Antras (Harvard)  Language:
Contents: Firms and the Decision to Export; Firms and the Decision to Invest Abroad; Intermission: The Boundaries of The Firm; Trade and Organizational Form.
Lecture Notes in International Trade
Author: István Kónya   Language:
Contents: The classical theory of international trade; Basic issues; Analytical tools; Equilibrium and the gains from trade; Factor price equalization; Comparative statics and and welfare; Simple trad . . . . .

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