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Finite element method

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Class Notes on Advanced Finite Elements
Author: Anup Bhawalkar  Language:
Contents: Functions and Set Theory; Vectors and Tensors; Partial Differential Equations; Basics; Isoparametric Elements; Weighted Average Methods; Newton Raphson and Arc Length method; Beams using  . . . . .
Les éléments finis: de la théorie à la pratique
Author: Andree Fortin  Language:
Contents: * Introduction et exemples * Chapitre 2: Espaces fonctionnels * Chapitre 3: Théorème de Lax-Milgram * Chapitre 4: Méthode de Ritz * Chapitre 5: Éléments finis unidimen . . . . .
What Is a Good Linear Finite Element?
Author: Jonathan  Language:
Why are elements with tiny angles harmless for interpolation, but deadly for stiffness matrix conditioning? Why are long, thin elements with angles near 180o terrible in isotropic cases but perfectly . . . . .
The BEM in Acoustics
Author: Stephen Kirkup  Language:
The BEM in Acoustics The boundary element method (BEM) is an important technique in the computational solution of engineering or scientific problems. In applying the boundary element method, only a mesh of the surfaces is . . . . .

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