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Integrable Systems

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Physics -> ... -> Integrable Systems

Integrable Systems and Riemann Surfaces
Author: Boris DUBROVIN  Language:
Contents: KdV equation and Schr ̈dinger operator; Riemann surfaces and theta-functions; Baker - Akhiezer functions and differential equations.
A short introduction to classical and quantum integrable systems
Author: O. Babelon  Language:
Contents: Integrable dynamical systems; Solution by analytical methods; Infinite dimensional systems; The Jaynes-Cummings-Gaudin model; The Heisenberg spin chain; Nested Bethe Ansatz.
Lecture Notes on Calogero-Moser systems
Author: Pavel Etingof  Language:
The goal of the present lecture notes is to give an introduction to the theory of Calogero-Moser systems, highlight- ing their interplay with these fields. Since these lectures are designed fo . . . . .
Introduction to Quantum Integrability
Author: Anastasia Doikou, Stefano Evangelisti, Giovanni Feverat  Language:
In this article we review the basic concepts regarding quantum integrability. Special emphasis is given on the algebraic content of integrable models. The associated algebras are essentially descr . . . . .
The Dirac-Moshinsky Oscillator: Theory and Applications
Author: Emerson Sadurni  Language:
This work summarizes the most important developments in the construction and application of the Dirac-Moshinsky oscillator (DMO) with which the author has come in contact. The literature on the subjec . . . . .

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