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Statistical Mechanics

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Physics -> ... -> Statistical Mechanics

Renormalization group
Author: G. Benfatto, G. Gallavotti  Language:
Contents: Introduction; problems equivalent to the analysis of suitable functional integrals: critical point and field theory; Other functional integrals: Fermi sphere and Bose condensation; Effective . . . . .
A Field Guide to Recent Work on the Foundations of Statistical Mechanics
Author: Roman Frigg  Language:
This is an extensive review of recent work on the foundations of statistical mechanics. Subject matters discussed include: interpretation of probability, typicality, recurrence, reversibility, ergodic . . . . .
The large deviation approach to statistical mechanics
Author: Hugo Touchette  Language:
The theory of large deviations is concerned with the exponential decay of probabilities of large fluctuations in random systems. These probabilities are important in many fields of study, including st . . . . .
Reflection positivity and phase transitions in lattice spin models
Author: Marek Biskup  Language:
Reflection positivity (RP) is a property of Gibbs measures exhibited by a class of lattice spin systems that includes the Ising, Potts and Heisenberg models. The RP property is useful because of its t . . . . .
Fractional Calculus: Some Basic Problems in Continuum and Statistical Mechanics
Author: Francesco Mainardi  Language:
We review some applications of fractional calculus developed by the author (partly in collaboration with others) to treat some basic problems in continuum and statistical mechanics. The problems in co . . . . .
Meccanica statistica
Author: Professor E. Presutti  Language:
Buon libro di meccanica statistica, tratta della teoria classica di Blotzman, modello di Ising; ergodicitÓ e reversibilitÓ; teoria dello scattering
Trattatello di Meccanica Statistica
Author: Prof. Gallavotti  Language:
Qui vengon trattati: i problemi della meccanica statistica classica; moto Browniano; modelli risolubili; equazione di Boltzman; le transizioni di fase nel modello di Ising; ergodicitÓ e reversibilitÓ; . . . . .
Statistical Mechanics. A short treatise
Author: Giovanni Gallavotti  Language:
Pages 355 classic statistical mechanics.
Introduction to solvable lattice models in statistical
Author: Tetsuo Deguchi  Language:
Some features of integrable lattice models are reviewed for the case of the six-vertex model. By the Bethe ansatz method we derive the free energy of the six-vertex model. Then, from the expression of . . . . .

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