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Finite Geometry

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Projective and Polar Spaces
Author: Peter J. Cameron  Language:
Contents: Projective spaces; Projective planes; Coordinatisation of projective spaces; Various topics; Buekenhout geometries; Polar spaces; Axioms for polar spaces; The Klein quadric and triality; The . . . . .
Finite Geometries
Author: J ̈urgen Bierbrauer  Language:
Contents: Finite Fields 2 Pro jective geometries 3 The link to codes 4 An application: resilient functions 5 Arcs in pro jective planes 6 Symmetric bilinear forms 7 Symplectic bilinea . . . . .
Pro jective Planes & the Prime Power Conjecture
Author: Marijke van Gans  Language:
Contents: Projective planes as block designs; Projective planes as incidence matrices; Projective planes as bipartite graphs; Projective planes as permutation systems; Coordinates for projective plane . . . . .
Finite Geometry
Author: Chris Godsil  Language:
Contents: Examples; Pro jective and Affine Spaces; Collineations and Perspectivities; Spreads and Planes; Varieties; Conics; Polarities.
An Introduction to Finite Geometry
Author: Simeon Ball and Zsuzsa Weiner  Language:
Contents: Projective geometries; Arcs and maximum distance separable codes; Polar geometries; Generalised quadrangles and inversive planes.

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