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Mathematical Physics

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Differential Geometry[1] Dynamic systems[5] Integrable Systems[2]
Quantum Walks[2]

Mathematical Tools for Physics
Author: James Nearing  Language:
This text is intended for the undergraduate level, providing a one-semester bridge between some of the introductory math courses and the physics courses in which we expect to use the mathematics. This . . . . .
Handbook of normal frames and coordinates
Author: Bozhidar Z. Iliev  Language:
The main subject of the book is an up-to-date and in-depth survey of the theory of normal frames and coordinates in differential geometry. The book can be used as a reference manual, review of the ex . . . . .
Mathemathical methods of theoretical physics
Author: Karl Svozil  Language:
Course material for mathemathical methods of theoretical physics intended for an undergraduate audience.
Funky Mathematical Physics Concepts: The Anti-Textbook
Author: Eric L. Michelsen  Language:
Funky Mathematical Physics Concepts: The Anti-Textbook Physical, conceptual, geometric, and pictorial physics that didn’t fit in your textbook.
Quaternions in mathematical physics (2): Analytical bibliography
Author: Andre Gsponer, Jean-Pierre Hurni  Language:
This is part two of a series of four methodological papers on (bi)quaternions and their use in theoretical and mathematical physics: 1- Alphabetical bibliography, 2- Analytical bibliography, 3- No . . . . .
Random Matrices
Author: B. Eynard  Language:
Contents: introduction; ensembles of random matrices; random matrices and discretized surfaces; the saddle point method; ortoghonal polynomials method; equation of motion's method; double scaling limi . . . . .
Quantum Field Theory on Noncommutative Spaces
Author: Richard J. Szabo  Language:
A pedagogical and self-contained introduction to noncommutative quantum field theory is presented, with emphasis on those properties that are intimately tied to string theory and gravity. Topics cover . . . . .
Quaternions in mathematical physics (1): Alphabetical bibliography
Author: Andre Gsponer, Jean-Pierre Hurni  Language:
Abstract: This is part one of a series of four methodological papers on (bi)quaternions and their use in theoretical and mathematical physics: 1- Alphabetical bibliography, 2- Analytical bibliogra . . . . .
introduction to equations from mathematical physics
Author: Li Ma  Language:
Contents: Wave equations; Heat equations; Laplace equation; Method of Characteristic lines; Duhamel principle; Method of separation of variables; Laplace transform; Fourier transform; Fundamental solu . . . . .
Quaternions, Interpolation and Animation
Author: Erik B. Dam, Martin Koch and Martin Lillholm  Language:
The main topics of this technical report are quaternions, their mathematical properties, and how they can be used to rotate objects. We introduce quaternion mathematics and discuss why quaternions are . . . . .
Symmetries and dynamics in constrained systems
Author: Xavier Bekaert, Jeong-Hyuck Park  Language:
We review in detail the Hamiltonian dynamics for constrained systems. Emphasis is put on the total Hamiltonian system rather than on the extended Hamiltonian system. We provide a systematic analysis o . . . . .
Lecture Notes on Quantum Brownian Motion
Author: Laszlo Erdos  Language:
Einstein's kinetic theory of the Brownian motion, based upon light water molecules continuously bombarding a heavy pollen, provided an explanation of diffusion from the Newtonian mechanics. Since the . . . . .
Bogoliubov s Vision: Quasiaverages and Broken Symmetry to Quantum Protectorate and Emergence
Author: A.L. Kuzemsky  Language:
In the present interdisciplinary review we focus on the applications of the symmetry principles to quantum and statistical physics in connection with some other branches of science. The profound and i . . . . .
The Random Walk s Guide to Anomalous Diffusion: A Fractional Dynamics Approach
Author: by Ralf Metzler and Joseph Klafter   Language:
Fractional kinetic equations of the di!usion, di!usion}advection, and Fokker}Planck type are presented as a useful approach for the description of transport dynamics in complex systems which are gove . . . . .
An introduction to symmetric spaces
Author: Ulrika Magnea  Language:
Recently, the theory of symmetric spaces has come to play an increased role in the physics of integrable systems and in quantum transport problems. In addition, it provides a classification of random . . . . .
Metodi P robabilistici della Fisica
Author: Enrico Onofri  Language:
Queste lezioni intendono fornire agli studenti del corso di laurea in Fisica alcune nozioni e metodi elementari che si sono rive lati molto utili nello sviluppo della teoria fisica e che hanno vaste . . . . .
Euclidean random matrices and their applications in physics
Author: A. Goetschy, S.E. Skipetrov  Language:
We review the state of the art of the theory of Euclidean random matrices, focusing on the density of their eigenvalues. Both Hermitian and non-Hermitian matrices are considered and links with sim . . . . .
Why random matrices share universal processes with interacting particle systems?
Author: Patrik L. Ferrari (Bonn University)  Language:
In these lecture we explain why limiting distribution function, like the Tracy-Widom distribution, or limit processes, like the Airy_2 process, arise both in random matrices and interacting particle s . . . . .
An Overview of the Relationship between Group Theory and Representation Theory to the Special Functions in Mathematical Physics
Author: Ryan D. Wasson, Robert Gilmore  Language:
Advances in mathematical physics during the 20th century led to the discovery of a relationship between group theory and representation theory with the theory of special functions. Specifically, it wa . . . . .
An Introduction to the Mathematics of Anderson Localization
Author: Günter Stolz  Language:
We give a widely self-contained introduction to the mathematical theory of the Anderson model. After defining the Anderson model and determining its almost sure spectrum, we prove localization propert . . . . .
Methods of algebraic manipulation in perturbation theory
Author: Antonio Giorgilli, Marco Sansottera  Language:
We give a short introduction to the methods of representing polynomial and trigonometric series that are often used in Celestial Mechanics. A few applications are also illustrated.
Introduction to solvable lattice models
Author: Tetsuo Deguchi  Language:
Introduction to solvable lattice models Some features of integrable lattice models are reviewed for the case of the six-vertex model. By the Bethe ansatz method we derive the free energy of the six-vertex model. Then, from the expression of . . . . .
Singletons and their maximal symmetry algebras
Author: Xavier Bekaert  Language:
Abstract: Singletons are those unitary irreducible modules of the Poincare or (anti) de Sitter group that can be lifted to unitary modules of the conformal group. Higher-spin algebras are the corr . . . . .
Motives: an introductory survey for physicists
Author: Abhijnan Rej, Matilde Marcolli  Language:
We survey certain accessible aspects of Grothendieck's theory of motives in arithmetic algebraic geometry for mathematical physicists, focussing on areas that have recently found applications in quant . . . . .
A geometrical introduction to screw theory
Author: E. Minguzzi  Language:
Since the addition of applied forces must take into account the line of action, applied forces do not belong to a vector space. Screw theory removes this geometrical limitation and solves other me . . . . .
Random Walks in Random Environments
Author: L. V. Bogachev  Language:
Random walks provide a simple conventional model to describe various transport processes, for example propagation of heat or diffusion of matter through a medium. However, in many practical cases the . . . . .
Introduction to Random Matrices
Author: Craig A. Tracy, Harold Widom  Language:
These notes provide an introduction to the theory of random matrices. 44 pages
Partial Differential Equations
Author: Prof. Jim Herod, Ret.  Language:
Partial Differential Equations This is a complete set of 40 Maple lessons for an undergraduate course in Partial Differential Equations. The course covers linear spaces; Fourier series; symbolic solutions to the heat, wave and Lapl . . . . .
Appunti di Fisica Matematica
Author: Gaetano Moschetti   Language:
Introduction to Mathematical Physics
Author: Wikbooks  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Some mathematical problems and their solution; N body problem and matter description.

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