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High Energy Physics

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Accelerator Physics[3] Instrumentation and Detectors[2] Nuclear Physics[19]
Particle Physics[19] Phenomenology[10] Standard Model[5]
Theory[18] Weak Interactions[3]

Neutrino masses and mixings and...
Author: Alessandro Strumia, Francesco Vissani  Language:
We review the main experimental and theoretical results related to neutrino physics and outline possible lines of developement. The main topics covered are: neutrino masses, oscillations, sol . . . . .
Introduction to High Energy Physics
Author: Dan Kabat   Language:
Introduction to High Energy Physics.
Introduction to AdS-CFT
Author: Horatiu Nastase  Language:
These lectures present an introduction to AdS-CFT, and are intended both for begining and more advanced graduate students, which are familiar with quantum field theory and have a working knowledge of . . . . .
Lectures on instantons
Author: Stefan Vandoren, Peter van Nieuwenhuizen  Language:
This is a self-contained set of lecture notes on instantons in (super) Yang-Mills theory in four dimensions and in quantum mechanics. First the basics are derived from scratch: the regular and singula . . . . .
Hard Interactions of Quarks and Gluons: a Primer for LHC Physics
Author: J.M. Campbell, J.W. Huston, W.J. Stirling  Language:
In this review article, we develop the perturbative framework for the calculation of hard scattering processes. We undertake to provide both a reasonably rigorous development of the formalism of hard . . . . .
Mesons in Gauge/Gravity Duals - A Review
Author: Johanna Erdmenger, Nick Evans, Ingo Kirsch, Ed T  Language:
We review recent progress in studying mesons within gauge/gravity duality, in the context of adding flavour degrees of freedom to generalizations of the AdS/CFT correspondence. Our main focus is on th . . . . .
The Standard Model of Electroweak Interactions
Author: Roberto Casalbuoni  Language:
The Standard Model of Electroweak Interactions Lectures given at the Otranto School September 97.
keV Neutrino Model Building
Author: Alexander Merle  Language:
We review the model building aspects for keV sterile neutrinos as Dark Matter candidates. After giving a brief discussion of some cosmological and astrophysical aspects, we first discuss the c . . . . .
Cosmic Rays and the Search for a Lorentz Invariance Violation
Author: Wolfgang Bietenholz  Language:
This is an introductory review about the on-going search for a signal of Lorentz Invariance Violation (LIV) in cosmic rays. We first summarise basic aspects of cosmic rays, focusing on rays of ultra h . . . . .
Forces from Connes\' geometry
Author: Thomas Schucker  Language:
We try to give a pedagogical introduction to Connes\' derivation of the standard model of electro-magnetic, weak and strong forces from gravity. Corrected and extended version, 75 pages LaTeX, 8 figur . . . . .
Title: Charm Physics - A Field Full with Challenges and Opportunities
Author: Xue-Qian Li, Xiang Liu, Zheng-Tao Wei  Language:
In this review, we discuss some interesting issues in charm physics which is full with puzzles and challenges. So far in the field there exist many problems which have not obtained satisfactory answer . . . . .
Title: New Developments in Relativistic Viscous Hydrodynamics
Author: Paul Romatschke  Language:
Starting with a brief introduction into the basics of relativistic fluid dynamics, I discuss our current knowledge of a relativistic theory of fluid dynamics in the presence of (mostly shear) viscosit . . . . .
Toric geometry and local Calabi-Yau varieties: An introduction to toric geometry (for physicists)
Author: Cyril Closset  Language:
These lecture notes are an introduction to toric geometry. Particular focus is put on the description of toric local Calabi-Yau varieties, such as needed in applications to the AdS/CFT correspondence . . . . .
The Nature of Massive Neutrinos
Author: S. T. Petcov  Language:
The compelling experimental evidences for oscillations of solar, reactor, atmospheric and accelerator neutrinos imply the existence of 3-neutrino mixing in the weak charged lepton current. The current . . . . .
A Cicerone for the physics of charm
Author: S.Bianco, F.L.Fabbri , D.Benson,I.Bigi  Language:
After briefly recapitulating the history of the charm quantum number they sketch the experimental environments and instruments employed to study the behaviour of charm hadrons and then describe the th . . . . .
The Principle of the Fermionic Projector
Author: Andrew Ranicki (Edinburgh)  Language:
Combining a local gauge principle, the Pauli Exclusion Principle, and the principles of General Relativity in a particular way, we obtain the mathematical framework for the formulation of a new type . . . . .

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