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Condensed Matter

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Bose-Einstein condensation[14] Cluster Physics[2] Crystallography[6]
Defects[3] Density Functional Theory[37] Disordered Systems[12]
Ferroelectricity[2] Lattice Models[21] Many body[91]
Materials Science[10] Mesoscopic Physics[7] Molecular Dynamics[17]
Molecular Physics[4] Monte Carlo[20] Nanophysics[16]
Photonic Crystals[1] Plasmonics[2] Polaritons[3]
Polarons[7] Quantum Gases[7] Quantum Hall effect[10]
Quantum magnetism[16] Quantum Monte Carlo[25] Quantum phase transition[3]
Semiconductor Physics[3] Soft Condensed Matter [1] Soft Matter[1]
Solid State Physics[30] Spectroscopy[33] Strongly Interacting Systems[15]
Superconductivity[24] Superfuidity[7] Surface Physics[3]
Topological insulator[6] Transport[34] Tribology[2]

The Hierarchic Theory of Liquids and Solids. Computerized applications for ice, water, and Biosystems
Author: Alex Kaivarainen  Language:
This is a new book, devoted to quantum Hierarchic theory of condensed matter, general for liquids and solids, developed by this author during 20 years and its numerous applications. Computer program, . . . . .
Condenser physics applied to Markov chains - A brief introduction to potential theory
Author: Authors: A. Gaudilliere  Language:
These notes constitute the introduction to potential theory I exposed at the XIIth brazilian school of probability inside Elisabetta Scoppola\\\'s Introduction to Metastability.

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