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Biological Networks

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Advection, diffusion and delivery over a network.
Author: Luke L.M. Heaton, Eduardo Lopez, Philip K. Maini, Ma  Language:
Many biological, geophysical and technological systems involve the transport of resource over a network. In this paper we present an algorithm for calculating the exact concentration of resource at an . . . . .
Networks and Networking - A Statistical Physics Perspective
Author: Chi Ho Yeung, David Saad  Language:
Efficient networking in communication systems, both wired and wireless, has a substantial economic and societal impact. While communication networks become increasingly more complex, the ever increasi . . . . .
The Architecture of Biological Networks
Author: S. Wuchty, E. Ravasz and A.-L. Barabási  Language:
The Architecture of Biological Networks Understanding complex systems often requires a bottom-up approach, breaking the system into small and elementary constituents and mapping out the interactions between these components. In many cases, . . . . .
Biological Networks
Author: Indrani Bose  Language:
In this review, we give an introduction to the structural and functional properties of the biological networks. We focus on three major themes: topology of complex biological networks like the metabol . . . . .
Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics
Author: Barbara Drossel  Language:
This review is an introduction to theoretical models and mathematical calculations for biological evolution, aimed at physicists. The methods in the field are naturally very similar to those used in s . . . . .
An introduction to the immune network
Author: Giorgio Parisi  Language:
In this paper, after a telegraphic introduction to modern immunology, we present a simple model for the idiotypic network among antibodies and we study its relevance for the maintenance of immunologic . . . . .

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