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Path Integral, in Quantum Mechanics, Statistics, Polymer Physics
Author: H. Kleinert  Language:
Path Integral, in Quantum Mechanics, Statistics, Polymer Physics Contents: * Fundamentals * Path Integrals Elementary Properties and Simple Solutions * External Sources, Correlations, and Perturbation Theory * Semiclassical Time Evolution Ampl . . . . .
Polymerized Membranes, a Review
Author: Kay Joerg Wiese  Language:
Membranes are of great technological and biological as well as theoretical interest. Two main classes of membranes can be distinguished: Fluid membranes and polymerized, tethered membranes. Here, we r . . . . .
Neutral and Charged Polymers at Interfaces
Author: Roland Netz, David Andelman  Language:
Chain-like macromolecules (polymers) show characteristic adsorption properties due to their flexibility and internal degrees of freedom, when attracted to surfaces and interfaces. In this review we di . . . . .
Polymers with spatial or topological constraints: theoretical and computational results
Author: Cristian Micheletti, Davide Marenduzzo, Enzo Orlandini  Language:
In this review we provide an organized summary of the theoretical and computational results which are available for polymers subject to spatial or topological constraints. Because of the interdiscipli . . . . .
Statistics of knots and entangled random walks
Author: Sergei Nechaev  Language:
The lectures review the state of affairs in modern branch of mathematical physics called probabilistic topology. In particular we consider the following problems: (i) We estimate the probability of a . . . . .
Monte Carlo simulations of interfaces in polymer blends
Author: M. Mueller, F. Schmid  Language:
We review recent simulation studies of interfaces between immiscible homopolymer phases. Special emphasis is given to the presentation of efficient simulation techniques and powerful methods of data a . . . . .
Introducing Protein Folding Using Simple Models
Author: D. Thirumalai, D. K. Klimov  Language:
We discuss recent theoretical developments in the study of simple lattice models of proteins. Such models are designed to understand general features of protein structures and mechanism of folding. Am . . . . .
From Rosenbluth Sampling to PERM - rare event sampling with stochastic growth algorithms
Author: Thomas Prellberg  Language:
We discuss uniform sampling algorithms that are based on stochastic growth methods, using sampling of extreme configurations of polymers in simple lattice models as a motivation. We shall show how a s . . . . .
Physics of Solutions and Networks of Semiflexible Macromolecules
Author: Erwin Frey, Klaus Kroy, Jan Wilhelm  Language:
They review our present understanding of the physics of biopolymers using concepts from macromolecular and statistical physics complemented by computer simulation. These systems open up a new field of . . . . .
Theory of Polymer Dynamics
Author: W.J. Briels  Language:
These notes are based on lectures originally presented at the University of Uppsala in Sweden in the spring of 1994. The lectures were organised and financially made possible by Kersti Hermansson and . . . . .
Computational Soft Matter: From Synthetic Polymers to Proteins
Author:   Language:
 Computational Soft Matter: From Synthetic Polymers to Proteins Contents: Introduction to Molecular Dynamics Simulation; Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods; Advanced Simulations for Hydrodynamic Problems: Lattice Boltzmann and Dissipative Particle Dynamics; Mon . . . . .

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