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Imaging the Earth\'s Interior
Author:   Language:
Imaging the Earth\'s Interior (IEI), 1985, 300 pages, out of print but here now! You have your choice between scanned .pdf files of the original published book or an electronic revision that is a . . . . .
Geophysical Soundings Image Construction
Author: Jos Claerbout  Language:
IMAGE ESTIMATION BY EXAMPLE: Geophysical Soundings Image Construction: multidimensional autoregression (with Sergey Fomel) 303 pages, a 5/6 finished book with many fun data sets.
Basic Earth Imaging
Author: Jos Claerbout  Language:
Basic Earth Imaging (BEI), book draft of 220 pages. Updated December 2000.
Introductory Geophysical Inverse Theory
Author: John A. Scales, Martin L. Smith and Sven Treitel  Language:
Contents: What Is Inverse Theory; A Simple Inverse Problem that Isn't; Example:A Vertical Seismic Pro file; A little linear algebra; SVD and Resolution in Least Squares; Summary of Probability and . . . . .
Traces of Catastrophe
Author: B. M. French  Language:
Traces of Catastrophe eteorite impacts are getting plenty of respect these days. The public regards them as the established destroyer of dinosaurs and the possible destroyer of civilization. Increasing numbers of geoscient . . . . .
Earth's Energy Imbalance and Implications
Author: J. Hansen, M. Sato, P. Kharecha  Language:
Improving observations of ocean temperature confirm that Earth is absorbing more energy from the sun than it is radiating to space as heat, even during the recent solar minimum. The inferred planetary . . . . .
Tectonics - Recent Advances
Author: Edited by Evgenii Sharkov,  Language:
Tectonics - Recent Advances This book is devoted to different aspects of tectonic researches, especially to modern geodynamic processes. Syntheses of recent and earlier works, combined with new results and interpretations, are p . . . . .

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