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History of Physics

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Quantum Theory at the Crossroads
Author: Guido Bacciagaluppi, Antony Valentini  Language:
We reconsider the crucial 1927 Solvay conference in the context of current research in the foundations of quantum theory. Contrary to folklore, the interpretation question was not settled at this conf . . . . .
Quando la Fisica parlava tedesco
Author: Salvatore Antoci  Language:
Una collezione di traduzioni in italiano di classici tedeschi. I numeri di pagina dell\'indice sono attivi e permettono di copiare i singoli testi.
Conoscere Fermi
Author: Autori Vari  Language:
In occasione del centenario della nascita di Enrico Fermi stato realizzato un volume speciale con un finanziamento appositamente assegnato dal Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione. L\'accesso alla ve . . . . .
Brownian Motion, "Diverse and Undulating"
Author: Bertrand Duplantier  Language:
We describe in detail the history of Brownian motion, as well as the contributions of Einstein, Sutherland, Smoluchowski, Bachelier, Perrin and Langevin to its theory. The always topical importance in . . . . .
Babel of Units. The Evolution of Units Systems in Classical Electromagnetism
Author: Neal Carron  Language:
We recount the history of development of units systems in electrodynamics, and fully derive how each system is constructed. Done for Electromagnetic (emu), Electrostatic (esu), Gaussian, a variant-Gau . . . . .
From Philosophy to Program Size
Author: G. J. Chaitin (IBM Research)  Language:
Most work on computational complexity is concerned with time. However this course will try to show that program-size complexity, which measures algorithmic information, is of much greater philosophica . . . . .
Renormalization for Philosophers
Author: Jeremy Butterfield, Nazim Bouatta  Language:
We have two aims. The main one is to expound the idea of renormalization in quantum field theory, with no technical prerequisites (Sections 2 and 3). Our motivation is that renormalization is undoubte . . . . .
Searching for an equation: Dirac, Majorana and the others
Author: S. Esposito  Language:
We review the non-trivial issue of the relativistic description of a quantum mechanical system that, contrary to a common belief, kept theoreticians busy from the end of 1920s to (at least) mid 1940s. . . . . .

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