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Bose-Einstein condensation

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The Mathematics of the Bose Gas and its Condensation
Author: E H. Lieb, R. Seiringer, J. P. Solovej, J Yngvas  Language:
This book surveys results about the quantum mechanical many-body problem of the Bose gas that have been obtained by the authors over the last seven years. These topics are relevant to current experime . . . . .
Bose Einstein condensates in atomic gases ; simple theoretical results
Author: Y. Castin  Language:
Contents: introduction; the ideal Bose gas in a trap; a model for the atomic interactions; interacting Bose gas in the Hartree-Fock approximation; Properties of the condensate wave functions; Gaussi . . . . .
Bose-Einstein Condensation and Matter-Wave Lasers
Author: Yoshihisa Yamamoto  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Fundamental Concepts of Bose-Einstein Condensation; Bose-Einstein Condensation of An Ideal Gas; Bogoliubov theory of the weakly interacting Bose gas; Superfluidity; BCS Phas . . . . .
Author: Masahito Ueda (University of Tokyo, Japan)  Language:
FUNDAMENTALS AND NEW FRONTIERS OF BOSE-EINSTEIN CONDENSATION This book covers the fundamentals of and new developments in gaseous Bose–Einstein condensation. It begins with a review of fundamental concepts and theorems, and introduces basic theories describing . . . . .
Field theory for trapped atomic gases
Author: H.T.C. Stoof  Language:
In this course we give a selfcontained introduction to the quantum field theory for trapped atomic gases, using functional methods throughout. We consider both equilibrium and nonequilibrium phenomena . . . . .
Theory of ultracold Fermi gases
Author: Stefano Giorgini, Lev P. Pitaevskii, Sandro Stringari  Language:
The physics of quantum degenerate Fermi gases in uniform as well as in harmonically trapped configurations is reviewed from a theoretical perspective. Emphasis is given to the effect of interacti . . . . .
The Unitary Gas and its Symmetry Properties
Author: Yvan Castin (LKB - Lhomond), Félix Werner  Language:
The physics of atomic quantum gases is currently taking advantage of a powerful tool, the possibility to fully adjust the interaction strength between atoms using a magnetically controlled Feshbach re . . . . .
Coherent exciton transport in semiconductors
Author: Massimo Rontani, L. J. Sham  Language:
We review the topic of Bose-Einstein condensation of excitons in semiconductors, focusing on the signatures of the macroscopic order of the exciton condensate.
Basics of Bose-Einstein Condensation
Author: V.I. Yukalov  Language:
The review is devoted to the elucidation of the basic problems arising in the theoretical investigation of systems with Bose-Einstein condensate. Understanding these challenging problems is necess . . . . .
Quantized vortices in atomic Bose-Einstein condensates
Author: Kenichi Kasamatsu, Makoto Tsubota  Language:
In this review, we give an overview of the experimental and theoretical advances in the physics of quantized vortices in dilute atomic-gas Bose--Einstein condensates in a trapping potential, especiall . . . . .
Bose-Einstein condensates in disordered potentials
Author: Leonardo Fallani, Chiara Fort, Massimo Inguscio  Language:
The interplay between disorder and interactions is a "leit-motiv" of condensed matter physics, since it constitutes the driving mechanism of the metal-insulator transition. Bose-Einstein condensates i . . . . .
Diagrammatic Pairing Fluctuations Approach to the BCS-BEC Crossover
Author: G. C. Strinati  Language:
This paper gives a survey of a diagrammatic approach for fermionic pairing fluctuations, which are relevant to the BCS-BEC crossover realized with ultracold Fermi gases. Emphasis will be given to the . . . . .
Making, probing and understanding Bose-Einstein condensates
Author: W. Ketterle, D.S. Durfee, D.M. Stamper-Kurn  Language:
Long review paper with 90 pages.
Theory of Bose-Einstein condensation in trapped gases
Author: F. Dalfovo,S.Stringari, L.P.Pitaevskii, S. Gior  Language:
The phenomenon of Bose-Einstein condensation of dilute gases in traps is reviewed from a theoretical perspective. Mean-field theory provides a framework to understand the main features of the condensa . . . . .

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