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The Physics Of Music

Applied and Interdisciplinary physics -> The Physics Of MusicSearch on Amazon

Music: A Mathematical Offering
Author: Dave Benson  Language:
Music: A Mathematical Offering Contents: Waves and harmonics; Fourier theory; A mathematicianís guide to the orchestra; Consonance and dissonance; Scales and temperaments: the fivefold way; More scales and temperaments; Digital mus . . . . .
Musical L-Systems
Author: Stelios Manousakis  Language:
This dissertation presents an extensive framework for designing Lindenmayer systems that generate musical structures. The algorithm is a recursive, biologically inspired string rewriting system in t . . . . .
The Physical Basis Of Music
Author: E. T. Jaynes  Language:
Contents: Preface; Defining Our Goals; Origins Of Musical Instruments; Development Of The Piano; Background Of Our Study; Mechanical Facts Of Piano Playing; Physiology Of Piano Playing; Mozart And Bee . . . . .
The Physics of Music and Musical Instruments
Author: David Lapp  Language:
The Physics of Music and Musical Instruments covers the physics of waves, sound, music, and musical instruments at a level designed for high school physics. However, it is also a resource for those te . . . . .
Mathematics and group theory in music
Author: Athanase Papadopoulos (IRMA)  Language:
The purpose of this paper is to show through particular examples how group theory is used in music. The examples are chosen from the theoretical work and from the compositions of Olivier Messiaen (190 . . . . .
Harmony Explained: Progress Towards A Scientific Theory of Music
Author: Daniel Shawcross Wilkerson  Language:
Most music theory books are like medieval medical textbooks: they contain unjustified superstition, non-reasoning, and funny symbols glorified by Latin phrases. How does music, in particular harmony, . . . . .

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