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Doped Semiconductors: Role of Disorder
Author: Yuri M. Galperin  Language:
Contents: I Lightly Doped Semiconductors; Isolated impurity states; Localization of electronic states; Impurity band for lightly doped semiconductors; DC hopping conductance ...; Percolation theory; . . . . .
Defects in correlated metals and superconductors
Author: H. Alloul, J. Bobroff, M. Gabay, P.J. Hirschfeld  Language:
In materials with strong local Coulomb interactions, simple defects such as atomic substitutions strongly affect both macroscopic and local properties of the system. A nonmagnetic impurity, for instan . . . . .
Defects in Superfluids, Superconductors and Membranes
Author: David R. Nelson  Language:
An introduction to the defects which dominate the physics of superfluid He$^4$ films, of superconducting slabs and of crystalline and hexatic membranes is given. We first review point vortices in two- . . . . .

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