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Earth and Planetary Astrophysics

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Solar System
Author: Wikibooks  Language:
Solar System Contents: Solar System; Sun; Planets; Large moons; Dwarf planets; Natural satellites; Main asteroid belt; Other small bodies; Formation and evolution.
Planetary Rings
Author: Matthew S. Tiscareno  Language:
Planetary rings are the only nearby astrophysical disks, and the only disks that have been investigated by spacecraft. Although there are significant differences between rings and other disks, chiefly . . . . .
Dusty Planetary Systems
Author: Amaya Moro-Martin  Language:
Extensive photometric stellar surveys show that many main sequence stars show emission at infrared and longer wavelengths that is in excess of the stellar photosphere; this emission is thought to aris . . . . .
Recent developments in planet migration theory
Author: Clément Baruteau, Frédéric Masset  Language:
Planetary migration is the process by which a forming planet undergoes a drift of its semi-major axis caused by the tidal interaction with its parent protoplanetary disc. One of the key quantities to . . . . .
Planet-disk interaction and orbital evolution
Author: W. Kley, R.P. Nelson  Language:
As planets form and grow within gaseous protoplanetary disks, the mutual gravitational interaction between the disk and planet leads to the exchange of angular momentum, and migration of the planet. W . . . . .
The Interior Structure, Composition, and Evolution of Giant Planets
Author: Jonathan J. Fortney, Nadine Nettelmann  Language:
We discuss our current understanding of the interior structure and thermal evolution of giant planets. This includes the gas giants, such as Jupiter and Saturn, that are primarily composed of hydrogen . . . . .
Digital Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon
Author: NASA  Language:
Digital Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon The Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon by Bowker and Hughes (NASA SP-206) is considered the definitive reference manual to the global photographic coverage of the Moon. The images contained . . . . .

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