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Materials Science

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Radiation Material Science[3]

Ferroelectromagnets. Fifty years after discovery
Author: I. E. Chupis  Language:
Ferroelectromagnets - compounds with ferroelectric and magnetic orderings - were discovered about fifty years ago. They are of great interest due to the possibility of mutual control of electric (magn . . . . .
O(N) methods in electronic structure calculations
Author: D. R. Bowler, T. Miyazaki  Language:
Linear scaling methods, or O(N) methods, have computational and memory requirements which scale linearly with the number of atoms in the system, N, in contrast to standard approaches which scale with . . . . .
Introduction to High-Resolution Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
Author: Alfred Q. R. Baron  Language:
This paper reviews non-resonant, meV-resolution inelastic x-ray scattering (IXS), as applied to the measurement of atomic dynamics of crystalline materials. It is designed to be an introductory, thoug . . . . .
A Comprehensive Review of Heat Transfer in Thermoelectric Materials and Devices
Author: Zhiting Tian, Sangyeop Lee, Gang Chen  Language:
Solid-state thermoelectric devices are currently used in applications ranging from thermocouple sensors to power generators in satellites, to portable air-conditioners and refrigerators. With the eve . . . . .
Maximally localized Wannier functions: Theory and applications
Author: N. Marzari, A. A. Mostofi, J. R. Yates, I. Souza, D. Vanderbilt  Language:
The electronic ground state of a periodic system is usually described in terms of extended Bloch orbitals, but an alternative representation in terms of localized "Wannier functions" was introduced by . . . . .
White organic light-emitting diodes: Status and perspective
Author: Sebastian Reineke, Michael Thomschke, Björn Lüssem, Karl Leo  Language:
White organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are ultra-thin, large-area light sources made from organic semiconductor materials. Over the last decades, much research has been spent on finding the suita . . . . .
Strain relaxation models
Author: A.I. Zhmakin  Language:
A review of the approaches to numerical description of strain relaxation in thin films during epitaxial growth of heterostructures.

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