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Molecular Physics

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Corso di fisica atomica e molecolare
Author: M. Cini  Language:
Corso di fisica atomica e molecolare Contenuto: Preliminari; Complementi sulla teoria di Schrodinger; Meccanica Quantistica Relativistica Particelle di spin 0; L'elettrone relativistico; L'Atomo idrogenoide; Interazioni iperfini; Il meto . . . . .
Computational Methods in Molecular Quantum Mechanics
Author: Ivano Tavernelli  Language:
Contents: Computational Chemistry Glossary; Fundamental notions in Quantum Mechanics; Properties of the Ground State Schrödinger equations for Molecular Systems; Matrix Elements with Slater’s Wavefunc . . . . .
Corso di Fisica Atomica e Molecolare
Author: M. Cini  Language:
Contenuto: Risonanze; Oltre il metodo di Hartree-Fock; Spettroscopie.
Optical Atomic Clocks
Author: Andrew D. Ludlow, Martin M. Boyd, Jun Ye, Ekkehard Peik, Piet O  Language:
Optical atomic clocks represent the state-of-the-art in the frontier of modern measurement science. In this article we provide a detailed review on the development of optical atomic clocks that are ba . . . . .

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