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Methods of Mathematical Physics

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Group Theory[5]

Mathematical Tools for Physics
Author: James Nearing  Language:
Contents: Basic Stuff; Partial Differential Equations;Infinite Series; Numerical Analysis; Complex Algebra; Tensors; Ordinary Differential Equations; Vector Calculus II; Fourier Series; Complex Variab . . . . .
Mathematical methods for physicists: A concise introduction
Author: Michael Gedalin  Language:
Mathematical methods for physicists: A concise introduction This text is designed for an intermediate-level, two-semester undergraduate course in mathematical physics. It provides an accessible account of most of the current, important mathematical tools req . . . . .
Lecture Notes : Methods of Mathematical Physics I
Author: Michael Stone and Paul Goldbart  Language:
Lecture Notes : Methods of Mathematical Physics I Contents: Calculus of Variations; Ordinary differential equations; Partial Differential equations; Integral Equations.
Methods of Theoretical Physics I
Author: Christopher Pope  Language:
Contents: first and second order differential equation; Wroskian; series solutions; ordinary and singulars points. Orthogonal eigenfunctions and Sturm-Liouville theory. Complex analysis, contour integ . . . . .
A Window into Zeta and Modular Physics
Author: Edited by Klaus Kirsten and Floyd L. Williams   Language:
This book provides an introduction, with applications, to three interconnected mathematical topics: ē zeta functions in their rich variety: those of Riemann, Hurwitz, Barnes, Epstein, Selberg, and . . . . .
Green\\\'s Functions in Physics
Author: M. Baker, S. Sutlief  Language:
Contents: The Vibrating String; Greenís Identities; Greenís Functions; Properties of Eigen States; Steady State Problems; Dynamic Problems; Surface Waves and Membranes; Extension to N-dimensions; Cyli . . . . .
Metodi Matematici della Fisica
Author: prof. Dominici  Language:
Contenuto: Analisi complessa, Analisi funzionale, Covarianza delle equazioni di Maxwell, Teoria dei gruppi, Equazioni differenziali.
Lectures on integration of several variables
Author: Michael Adler  Language:
Lectures on integration of several variables using differential forms. In the author's own words, these notes were written for mechanical, civil and environmental engineers and physicists with a "Just . . . . .
Metodi Matematici
Author: Stefano Pagotto Francesco Zonta Andrea Antoniazzi  Language:
Contenuto: misura ed integrazione di lebesque; spazi metrici completi e spazi di banach; gli spazi di hilbert; teoria delle distribuzioni; gli spazi D e D'; spazi nucleari; operatori lineari limitati; . . . . .
Metodi Matematici
Author: Giuseppe Tormen  Language:
Contenuto: Introduzione al corso Funzionali e distribuzioni; Operazioni sulle distribuzioni; Successioni di distribuzioni; Proprietŗ della Delta di Dirac; Funzioni di Green - Introduzione ai sistemi . . . . .
Further Mathematical Methods
Author: Niels Walet  Language:
Further Mathematical Methods Contents: Classification of partial differential equations; Boundary and Initial Conditions; Fourier Series; Separation of variables on rectangular domains; DíAlembertís solution to the wave equation; . . . . .
Teaching electromagnetic field theory using differential forms
Author: K.Warnick,R.Selfridge and D.Arnold  Language:
Teaching electromagnetic field theory using differential forms.
Metodi matematici della fisica
Author: prof. Martucci  Language:
Dispense di metodi matematici 141 pagine, trattano di: variabili complesse, spazi di Hilbert, operatori lineari, traformate, distribuzioni.
Partial Differential Equations of Physics
Author: by Professor Arnold Sommerfeld translated by R.Radok  Language:
Contents:Chapter I Fourier Series and Integrals Chapter II About partial differential equations Chapter III Boundary Value Problems in Heat Conduction Chapter IV Cylinder and Sphere Problems Chap . . . . .

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