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Mesoscopic Physics

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Introduction to Quantum Noise, Measurement and Amplification
Author: Authors: A. A. Clerk, M. H. Devoret, S. M. Girvin, F. Marquardt,  Language:
The topic of quantum noise has become extremely timely due to the rise of quantum information physics and the resulting interchange of ideas between the condensed matter and AMO/quantum optics communi . . . . .
Noise in mesoscopic physics
Author: Thierry Martin  Language:
This is a course on noise which covers some of the scattering theory for normal metals, Hanbury Brown and Twiss analogs for noise correlations with electrons, noise correlations in superconducting/nor . . . . .
Nonlinear Quantum Coherence Effects in Driven Mesoscopic Systems
Author: V.E.Kravtsov  Language:
In these pedagogical notes the diffuson-cooperon perturbation theory of weak localization and mesoscopic phenomena is extended to describe non-equilibrium and nonlinear effects in quantum disordered s . . . . .
Mesoscopics and Quantum Transport
Author: MacKinnon  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Localization; Scaling Theory; Quantum Interference; The Buttiker or Landauer–Buttiker formula.
Introduction to dissipation and decoherence in quantum systems
Author: Florian Marquardt, Annett Püttmann  Language:
These lecture notes address an audience of physicists or mathematicians who have been exposed to a first course in quantum mechanics. We start with a brief discussion of the general "system-bath" para . . . . .
Theories of Mesoscopic Physics
Author: B D Simons and A Altland  Language:
a five lecture course to be published in the proceedings of the CRM Summer School entitled ``Theoretical Physics at the End of the XXth Century\\\'\\\'
Electronic Glasses
Author: T. Giamarchi  Language:
A short introduction to the physics and the method to treat quantum crystals of electrons (Wigner crystal) and the related disordered elastic systems. 38 pp.

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