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Quantum Mechanics

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Advanced Quantum Mechanics[31] Atomic Physics[1] Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics[5]
Open Quantum Systems[1] Path Integral[13] Quantum Chaos[6]
Quantum Computing[22] Quantum Control[1] Quantum Information Theory[16]
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics[2]

Quantum Mechanics - Lecture Notes
Author: Eyal Buks  Language:
The operator H is directly related to the Hamiltonian function in classical physics, which will be defined in the first chapter. The ket-vector state and its physical meaning will be introduced in . . . . .
Lectures on Quantum Physics and Applications
Author: Dimotakis, Paul E  Language:
Contents: classical mechanics; wave mechanics; the Schroedinger equation; quantum behavior in one dimensional potentials; harmonic oscillator systems; orbital angular momentum; motion in a central pot . . . . .
Lecture Notes on Quantum Mechanics
Author: K. Schulten  Language:
Contents: Lagrangian Mechanics; Path Integral Formulation of Quantum Mechanics; Schroedinger Equation; Quantum Harmonic Oscillator; Triangular Quantum Billiards; Stationary States in x^4 Potential; An . . . . .
Quantum Principles and Particles
Author: W. Wilcox  Language:
This is a two semester, 550 page introductory text, plus a 10 page index. It includes material which overlaps with particle physics, including a number of interesting models as well as material on ide . . . . .
Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
Author: M. Kuno  Language:
A full and complete course on quantum mechanics and spectroscopy.
Consistent Quantum Theory
Author: Robert B. Griffiths   Language:
Consistent Quantum Theory Contents:Introduction; Wave Functions; Linear Algebra In Dirac Notation; Physical Properties; Probabilities and Physical Variables; Composite Systems and Tensor Products; Unitary Dynamics; Stochastic . . . . .
Lecture Notes on Quantum Mechanic
Author: Prof. Da-Chun Su  Language:
Lecture Notes on Quantum Mechanic In the firrst part of my lecture notes. I mainly introduce some basic concepts and fundamental axioms in quantum theory. One should know what we are going to do with Quantum Mechanics -solve the Schro . . . . .
Quantum Notes
Author: Jed Rembold  Language:
Quantum Notes Contents: Preliminaries; Classical Mechanics Review; Postulates of QM; Simple Problems in 1 Dimension; Wave Packets; Harmonic Oscillator and Second Quantization; Systems with N Degrees of Freedom; Cla . . . . .
Lecture Notes in Quantum Mechanics
Author: Doron Cohen  Language:
These lecture notes cover undergraduate textbook topics (e.g. as in Sakurai), and also additional advanced topics at the same level of presentation. In particular: EPR and Bell; Basic postulates; The . . . . .
Lectures on Quantum Mechanics (nonlinear PDE point of view)
Author: A.Komech  Language:
We expose the Schrodinger quantum mechanics with traditional applications to Hydrogen atom. We discuss carefully the experimental and theoretical background for the introduction of the Schrodinger, Pa . . . . .
Physique Quantique I et II
Author: Frédéric Mila   Language:
Table des matières: La Théorie des Quanta; La Quantification Canonique; La Mécanique Ondulatoire; Formulation Générale de la Mécanique Quantique; Quelques Problèmes Simples en Dimension 1; Mouvement d . . . . .
Mécanique quantique
Author: Senechal  Language:
Mécanique quantique Contents: Principes Fondamentaux et Revision; Théorie de la symétrie; Théorie des perturbations; Deuxième Quantification; Applications à la physique du solide; Bosons; Interactions lumière-matiè . . . . .
Quantum Physics Notes
Author: J D Cresser  Language:
Contents: Introduction; The Early History of Quantum Mechanics; The Wave Function; The Two Slit Experiment; Wave Mechanics; Particle Spin and the Stern-Gerlach Experiment; Probability Amplitudes; Vect . . . . .
Quantum Mechanics: A graduate level course
Author: Richard Fitzpatrick  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Fundamental concepts; Position and momentum; Quantum dynamics; Angular momentum; Approximation methods; Scattering theory.
Quantum Mechanics
Author: Martin Plenio  Language:
Contents: Quantum Mechanics; Mathematical Foundations; Quantum Measurements; Dynamics and Symmetries; Approximation Methods; Quantum Information Processing; Quantum Information Theory.
Elementary Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics
Author: H.C. Rosu  Language:
This is a graduate course on elementary quantum mechanics written for the benefit of undergraduate and graduate students. It is the English version of physics/0003106, which I did at the suggestion of . . . . .
Title: Lecture Script: Introduction to Computational Quantum Mechanics
Author: Roman Schmied  Language:
This document is the lecture script of a one-semester course taught at the University of Basel in the Fall semesters of 2012 and 2013. It is aimed at advanced students of physics who are familiar with . . . . .
Quantum Mechanics
Author: Alex Grob  Language:
Contents:1. Introduction – Wave Mechanics 2. Fundamental Concepts of Quantum Mechanics 3. Quantum Dynamics 4. Angular Momentum 5. Approximation Methods 6. Symmetry in Quantum Mechanics 7. . . . . .
A Pedestrian Introduction to the Mathematical Concepts of Quantum Physics
Author: Jan Govaerts  Language:
These notes offer a basic introduction to the primary mathematical concepts of quantum physics, and their physical significance, from the operator and Hilbert space point of view, highlighting more wh . . . . .
Notes on Quantum Mechanics
Author: W. J. Zakrzewski  Language:
Contents: introduction; theory of quantum mechanics; representation theory; equation of motion - dynamics; one-dimensional systems; three-dimensional systems; conclutsion.
An Introduction to Quantum Mechanics ... for those who dwell in the macroscopic world
Author: Antonio Barletta  Language:
There is a huge number of excellent and comprehensive textbooks on quantum mechanics. They mainly differ for the approach, more or less oriented to the formalism rather than to the phenomenology, as w . . . . .
The double well potential in quantum mechanics: a simple, numerically exact formulation
Author: V. Jelic, F. Marsiglio  Language:
The double well potential is arguably one of the most important potentials in quantum mechanics, because the solution contains the notion of a state as a linear superposition of `classical' states, a . . . . .
Da LAplace ad Heisemberg
Author: Prof. Sigfrido BOffi(Univ.Pavia)  Language:
Da LAplace ad Heisemberg Libro completo di Meccanica quantistica, contenuto: Risultati di fisica classica; La crisi della fisica classica; Verso l\'equazione di Schrödinger; Il formalismo elementare della meccanica quantistic . . . . .
Quantum Mechanics: I
Author: H.C. Rosu  Language:
This is the first Internet course on elementary quantum mechanics written in Spanish (\"castellano\") for the benefit of Spanish speaking students.The topics included refer to the postulates of quantu . . . . .
Quantum Mechanics
Author: Niels.Walet@umist.ac.uk  Language:
Lectures about Quantum Mechanics 55 pages.
Appunti per il corso di Meccanica quantistica
Author: Furio Ercolessi e Stefano de Gironcoli  Language:
Appunti per il corso di Meccanica quantistica dell'università di Udine, 80 pagine, trattano di:L'equazione di Schrödinger per una particella; Aspetti importanti della meccanica quantistica; Atomi con . . . . .
Notes on Quantum Mechanics
Author: K. Schulten  Language:
The following notes introduce Quantum Mechanics at an advanced level addressing students of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Electrical Engineering. The aim is to put mathematical concepts and tech . . . . .
Appunti delle lezioni di Meccanica Quantistica I
Author: Prof. Umberto Lombardo  Language:
Appunti delle lezioni di Meccanica Quantistica I.cap0.pdf - Determinismo classico cap_0.pdf - Meccanica Quantistica - Indice cap_1.pdf - Principio di sovrapposizione cap_2.pdf - Stati e varia . . . . .
Introduction à la Mécanique Quantique
Author: Bernard Silvi  Language:
Contenu: Introduction à la Mécanique Quantique; Particule dans un potentiel a symétrie sphérique; L'équation de Schrödinger et la fonction d'onde.
Quantum Mechanics I
Author: Breinig  Language:
A Web-Based Quantum Mechanics Course with In-Class Tutorials.
Physique quantique
Author: Lesueur  Language:
Contents: Puits et barrières de potentiel; Dualité onde-corpuscule; Principes de la mécanique quantique; Introduction à la mécanique quantique.

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