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Quatum Field Theory

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Mathematics -> ... -> Quantum Field Theory

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Nonequilibrium QFT[1] QCD[39] Quantum Electrodynamics[5]
Quantum Gravity[14] String theory[23] Thermal Field Theory[6]

Author: W.Siegel  Language:
This is a free comprehensive textbook on quantum (and classical) field theory. The approach is pragmatic, rather than traditional or artistic. For more details, including download information and erra . . . . .
Quantum Field Theory
Author: Mark Srednicki   Language:
Quantum Field Theory This accessible and conceptually structured introduction to quantum field theory will be of value not only to beginning students but also to practicing physicists interested in learning or reviewing s . . . . .
Understanding Relativistic Quantum Field Theory
Author: Hans de Vries  Language:
Contents: Relativistic foundations of light and matter Fields; Advanced treatment of the EM field; The relativistic matter wave equations; Foundations of Quantum Electro Dynamics; Non Abelian gauge t . . . . .
Quantum Fields in Classical Backgrounds
Author: V.F.Mukhanov and S.Winitzki  Language:
Quantum Fields in Classical Backgrounds This book is an expanded and reorganized version of the lecture notes for a course taught (in German) at the Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, in the spring semester of 2003. The course is an ele . . . . .
Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
Author: Matthew Schwartz  Language:
Contents: The Microscopic Theory of Radiation; Lorentz Invariance and Conventions; Second Quantization; Classical Field Theory; Old Fashioned Perturbation Theory; Cross Sections and Decay Rates; The L . . . . .
Introduction to Path Integrals in Field Theory
Author: U. Mosel  Language:
Quantum Field Theory in the Large N Limit
Author: Moshe Moshe, Jean Zinn-Justin  Language:
They review the solutions of O(N) and U(N) quantum field theories in the large $N$ limit and as 1/N expansions, in the case of vector representations.
Quantum Field Theory
Author: W Luecke  Language:
Contents: general quantum field theory; massive scalar field; perturbation theory; quantum electrodynamics.
Champs Quantiques Relativistes
Author: Professeur Mikha ̈l Shaposhnikov  Language:
Contenu: Champs classiques; Symetries continues et lois de conservation ; Le champ scalaire; Le champ vectoriel; Le champ spinoriel; Symetries discretes; Interactions et regles de Feynman; Les symetri . . . . .
Quantum Field Theory
Author: Dr David Tong  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Classical Field Theory;Free Fields; Interacting Fields; The Dirac Equation; Quantizing the Dirac Field; Quantum Electrodynamics.
Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
Author: P.J. Mulders  Language:
Contents: Introduction; relativistic wave function; groups and their representation; The Dirac equation; Maxwell equations; Classical Lagrangian quantum field theory; Quantization of fields; Discrete . . . . .
A guide to Quantum field theory
Author: Kasper Peeters  Language:
Contents: overview and guide to the literature; classic field theory reminder; free quantum fields; interacting quantum fields; path integrals; strings; loops and scales.
Quantum Field Theory, Black Holes and Holography
Author: Chethan KRISHNAN  Language:
Contents: Not Quantum Gravity; QFT in Flat Spacetime; QFT in Curved Spacetime; QFT in Rindler Space; The Unreasonable Effectiveness of the Complex Plane; QFT on Black Holes 42 6.1 Potential Barriers: . . . . .
Appunti di teoria dei campi
Author:   Language:
Ottimo libro di teoria dei campi, tratta di: L'integrale sui cammini; Introduzione alla teoria dei campi; Regolarizzazione e rinormalizzazione; Introduzione alle teorie di gauge; Teorie di gauge non A . . . . .
General Field Theory
Author: Professor Eduardo Fradkin  Language:
Contents: Introduction to Quantum Field Theory; Classical Field Theory; Symmetries and Conservation Laws;Canonical Quantization; Path Integral Quantization in Quantum Mechanics and in Quantum Field Th . . . . .
Introductory Lectures on Quantum Field Theory
Author: Luis Alvarez-Gaume, Miguel A. Vazquez-Mozo  Language:
In these lectures we present a few topics in Quantum Field Theory in detail. Some of them are conceptual and some more practical. They have been selected because they appear frequently in current appl . . . . .
Appunti di teoria quantistica dei campi
Author: prof. Longhi  Language:
Appunti di teoria quantistica dei campi: le funzioni di Wightman e le funzioni di Schwinger.
Symmetries in QFT
Author: K.M.Hamilton, J.F.Wheater  Language:
This document contains notes from the graduate lecture course, "Symmetries in QFT" given by J.F.Wheater at Oxford University in Hilary term. The course gives an informal introduction to QFT.
Quantum Field Theory
Author: Bert Schellekens  Language:
Notes of an introductory Quantum Field Theory course
Introduzione alla teoria dei campi
Author: Fedeli, Giacomelli Lolli  Language:
Contenuto: campi di spostamento onde elastiche e fononi; campo elettromagnetico: fotoni; emissione, assorbimento, diffusione di fotoni; condensazione di bosoni e superfluidità; equazione di Dirac.
Group field theories
Author: Thomas Krajewski  Language:
Group field theories are particular quantum field theories defined on D copies of a group which reproduce spin foam amplitudes on a space-time of dimension D. In these lecture notes, we present the g . . . . .
Feynman Diagrams and Differential Equations
Author: Mario Argeri, Pierpaolo Mastrolia  Language:
We review in a pedagogical way the method of differential equations for the evaluation of D-dimensionally regulated Feynman integrals. After dealing with the general features of the technique, we dis . . . . .
An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
Author: Mrinal Dasgupta  Language:
Contents:Introduction; Classical Field Theory; Quantum Field Theory; Interacting scalar fields; Perturbation Theory; Concluding remarks.
Introduction to Feynman Integrals
Author: Stefan Weinzierl  Language:
In these lectures I will give an introduction to Feynman integrals. In the first part of the course I review the basics of the perturbative expansion in quantum field theories. In the second part of t . . . . .
Relativistic Quantum Fields 1
Author: Prof. Mark Hindmarsh  Language:
This book is about: relativistic wave equations; lagrangian formulation of field theory; canonical quantisation.
Relativistic Quantum Fields 2
Author: Prof. Mark Hindmarsh  Language:
This book is about: Gauge field theory;Quantum gauge theory;Electroweak theory; QCD; Renormalisation; etc. ..
Introduzione alla Teoria dei Campi
Author: M. Toller  Language:
Dispense divise in tre capitoli:Sistemi a molte particelle e campi quantistici,Campi quantizzati relativistici liberi. ,Introduzione al metodo perturbativo.
Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
Author: R.J. Crewther  Language:
The author tried to give a reasonably connected outline of part of QFT, from second quantization to the path-integral technique in Euclidean space, where there is an immediate connection with the rule . . . . .
Quantum Field Theory
Author: Roberto Casalbuoni  Language:
Lectures about: Quantum Field Theory (212 pages); Advanced Quantum Field Theory(261 pages); Electroweak Interactions; Electrodynamics.
Introduzione alla Meccanica Quantistica Relativistica
Author: Simone Piccardi  Language:
Un ottimo libro di Meccanica Quantistica Relativistica, è presente anche un'introduzione alla relatività ristretta.
Lectures on Quantum Field Theory
Author: R. E. Borcherds, A. Barnard  Language:
These are notes from a 15 week course aimed at graduate mathematicians. They provide an essentially self-contained introduction to some of the ideas and terminology of QFT.
Quantum Field Theory
Author: Kazhdan, Bernstein, Deligne, Faddeev, Gawedzki,G  Language:
Contents: Quantum Field Theory; Supersymmetry; Conformal Field Theory; Perturbative Renormalization; Scattering Theory; The Dirac Index on Manifolds and Loop Spaces; Renormalization Groups; Notes on . . . . .
Lectures on Quantum Field Theory
Author: David Tong  Language:
Lectures on Quantum Field Theory Table of Contents: 0. Preliminaries: 1. Classical Field Theory: Introduction; Lagrangian Field Theory; Lorentz Invariance; Noether's Theorem and Conserved Currents; Hamiltonian Field Theory. 2. Canoni . . . . .

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