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Inflationary Universe Models

Astronomy and Astrophysics -> Inflationary Universe ModelsSearch on Amazon

Inflation, Cosmic Perturbations and Non-Gaussianities
Author: Yi Wang  Language:
We review the theory of inflationary perturbations. Perturbations at both linear and nonlinear orders are reviewed. We also review a variety of inflation models, emphasizing their signatures on c . . . . .
Classical and Quantum Theory of Perturbations in Inflationary U.
Author: R. Brandenberger, H. Feldman, V. Mukhanov  Language:
A brief introduction to the gauge invariant classical and quantum theory of cosmological perturbations is given. The formalism is applied to inflationary Universe models and yields a consistent and un . . . . .
Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Inflation
Author: Michael S. Turner  Language:
These lecture notes are organized into ten lessons that summarize the status of inflationary cosmology.
Inflationary cosmology and structure formation
Author: J.A. Peacock  Language:
These lectures cover the basics of inflationary models for the early universe, concentrating particularly on the generation of density fluctuations from scalar-field dynamics. The subsequent gravitati . . . . .

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