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Engineering Reliability-New Techniques and Applications
Category :Reliability engineering  Language: clicks: 135
Contents: Introduction; Reliability Mathematics; Fundamental Concepts in Reliability Engineering; Fault Trees and Common Cause Failures;Software Reliability; Mechanical Reliability; Human Reliability; . . . . .
Wireless Networking in the Developing World
Category :Reti e Internet  Language: clicks: 101
Wireless Networking in the Developing World Wireless Networking in the Developing World is a free book about designing, implementing, and maintaining low-cost wireless networks. This book is a practical guide to designing and building wireless . . . . .
Introduction to Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
Category :Energy Technology   Language: clicks: 113
Introduction to Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Contents: Basic Concepts; Properties of Pure Substances; 1st Law: Control Mass; 1st Law: Control Volume; 2nd Law; Entropy; Steady State Conduction; Transient Conduction; Forced Convection ; Natural Co . . . . .
802.11ac: A Survival Guide
Category :Telecommunication Networks  Language: clicks: 96
802.11ac: A Survival Guide 802.11ac: A Survival Guide
Statistical Physics: a Short Course for Electrical Engineering Students
Category :Statistical Mechanics  Language: clicks: 107
This is a set of lecture notes of a course on statistical physics and thermodynamics, which is oriented, to a certain extent, towards electrical engineering students. The main body of the lectures is . . . . .
Vision and Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade 2013-2022
Category :Aerospace engineering  Language: clicks: 92
Vision and Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade.
Mobile Networks
Category :Reti e Internet  Language: clicks: 267
Mobile Networks The growth in the use of mobile networks has come mainly with the third generation systems and voice traffic. With the current third generation and the arrival of the 4G, the number of mobile users in . . . . .
Tribology in Engineering
Category :Mechanics  Language: clicks: 320
Tribology in Engineering The main goal in preparing this book was to publish contemporary concepts, new discoveries and innovative ideas in the field of surface engineering, predominantly for the technical applications, as we . . . . .
Thermal Power Plants - Advanced Applications
Category :Energy Technology   Language: clicks: 282
Thermal Power Plants - Advanced Applications Thermal power plants are one of the most important process industries for engineering professionals. Over the past decades, the power sector is facing a number of critical issues; however, the most fu . . . . .
New Generation of Electric Vehicles
Category :Automotive engineering  Language: clicks: 970
New Generation of Electric Vehicles Important factor in political decision-making is a public opinion as well. Therefore, it is very important to raise global ecological awareness and wider public education regarding ecology. Goal of th . . . . .
Electromagnetic field theory for physicists and engineers:Fundamentals and Applications
Category :Electromagnetic Field I  Language: clicks: 893
Contents: Electromagnetic field: radiation and propagation; Electromagnetic field fundamentals; Fields created by a source distribution: retarded potentials; Electromagnetic waves; Reflection and re . . . . .
Analog Circuits
Category :Analogue electronics  Language: clicks: 1169
Analog Circuits The invariable motif for analog design is to explore the new circuit topologies, architectures and CAD technologies to overcome the design challenges coming from the new applications and new fabricati . . . . .
Geometry and Screw Theory for Robotics
Category :Screw theory  Language: clicks: 1320
Contents: Motion of a Rigid Body; Serial kinematic chains; Interaction and Control; Projective geometry and kinematics; Introduction to Lie groups.
A geometrical introduction to screw theory
Category :Screw theory  Language: clicks: 1200
This work introduces screw theory, a venerable but yet little known theory aimed at describing rigid body dynamics. This formulation of mechanics unifies in the concept of screw the translational and . . . . .
Principles of Geographic Information Systems
Category :Topography  Language: clicks: 1347
This book was originally designed for a three-week lecturing module on the principles of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), to be taught to students in all education programmes at ITC as the seco . . . . .

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