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Spin Glasses

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Recent Progress in Spin Glasses
Author: N. Kawashima, H. Rieger  Language:
We review recent findings on spin glass models. Both the equilibrium properties and the dynamic properties are covered. We focus on progress in theoretical, in particular numerical, studies, while its . . . . .
Mean field theory of spin glasses
Author: Francesco Zamponi  Language:
Abstract: These lecture notes have been prepared for a course in Trieste, part of the Ph.D. program in Statistical Mechanics. They focus on the mean field theory of spin glasses, with particular e . . . . .
Glass transition and out-of-equilibrium systems
Author: Giulio BIROLI  Language:
Contents: An introduction to glassy systems; Kinetically constrained models; RFOT and rough energy landscapes; Slow dynamics and Aging.
Glasses and replicas
Author: Marc Mezard (LPTMS), Giorgio Parisi  Language:
We review the approach to glasses based on the replica formalism. The replica approach presented here is a first principle's approach which aims at deriving the main glass properties from the microsco . . . . .
Mean field theory of spin glasses: statics and dynamics
Author: Giorgio Parisi  Language:
In these lectures I will review some theoretical results that have been obtained for spin glasses. I will concentrate my attention on the formulation of the mean field approach and on its numerical an . . . . .
Glasses, replicas and all that
Author: Giorgio Parisi  Language:
These lectures review the approach to glasses based on the replica formalism. Many of the physical ideas are very similar to those of older approaches. The replica approach has the advantage of descri . . . . .
Violation of the fluctuation-dissipation theorem in glassy syste
Author: A. Crisanti, F. Ritort  Language:
This review reports on the research done during the past years on violations of the fluctuation-dissipation theorem (FDT) in glassy systems. It is focused on the existence of a quasi-fluctuation-dissi . . . . .
Spin Glasses
Author: David Sherrington  Language:
An introduction and overview is given of the theory of spin glasses and its application.
Random systems and replica field theory
Author: Marc Mezard  Language:
Contents: I. Introduction II. Manifolds in random media III. Thermal fluctuations without disorder IV. Random forces V. Random potential: variational approach VI. Physical interpretation of the . . . . .

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