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Applied Optics[1] Cavity Opto-mechanics[2] Laser Physics[4]
Nonlinear Optics[9] Optical physics[1] Photonics[1]
Quantum Optics[5]

Physics of Light and Optics
Author: Justin Peatross Michael Ware  Language:
Physics of Light and Optics Contents: Mathematical Tools; Electromagnetic Phenomena; Plane Waves and Refractive Index; Reflection and Refraction; Multiple Parallel Interfaces; Propagation in Anisotropic Media; Polarization of Li . . . . .
Optique: Images optiques; mesures 2D et 3D
Author: Yves Surrel  Language:
Contenu: Diffraction et formation des images; Mesures 2D et 3D : codage de l’information et aspects métrologiques; Mesures 2D et 3D : méthodes géométriques; Mesures 2D et 3D : méthodes interféromét . . . . .
Light-Matter Interactions and Quantum Optics.
Author: Jonathan Keeling  Language:
Contents:Quantisation of electromagnetism; Quantum electrodynamics in other gauges; Jaynes Cummings model; Density matrices for 2 level systems; Resonance Fluorescence; Quantum stochastic methods; Cav . . . . .
Ottica fisica
Author: Elena Botta e Giuseppina Rinaudo  Language:
Contenuto: Richiami di ottica geometrica e di nozioni di base di matematica, geometria e trigonometria; Elementi di spettroscopia e fotometria; Elementi di ottica ondulatoria; Laboratorio di fisica.
Spacetime algebra as a powerful tool for electromagnetism
Author: Justin Dressel, Konstantin Y. Bliokh, Franco Nori  Language:
We present a comprehensive introduction to spacetime algebra that emphasizes its practicality and power as a tool for the study of electromagnetism. We carefully develop this natural (Clifford) algebr . . . . .
Author: Benjamin Crowell  Language:
Optics An esay book about optics, contents: The Ray Model of Light; Images by Reflection; Refraction and Images; Wave Optics.
Geometric Optics
Author: Dr. J. B. Tatum  Language:
Contents: Reflection and Refraction; Lens and Mirror Calculations; Optical Instruments.
An Introduction to the Quantum Theory of Nonlinear Optics
Author: Mark Hillery  Language:
This article is provides an introduction to the quantum theory of optics in nonlinear dielectric media. We begin with a short summary of the classical theory of nonlinear optics, that is nonlinear opt . . . . .
Nanoantennas for visible and infrared radiation
Author: Paolo Biagioni, Jer-Shing Huang, Bert Hecht  Language:
Nanoantennas for visible and infrared radiation can strongly enhance the interaction of light with nanoscale matter by their ability to efficiently link propagating and spatially localized optical fie . . . . .
Author: P. Ewart  Language:
Contents: Geometrical Optics; Physical Optics; Fraunhofer Diffraction; Fourier methods in Optics; Optical instruments and fringe localization; The diffraction grating spectrograph; The Michelson (Fo . . . . .
Lecture Notes The Pancharatnam-Berry Phase
Author: F. De Zela  Language:
Contents: Introduction; The adiabatic and cyclic case; general approach; Berry's approach; Berry's phase; Angular momentum and monopoles; The kinematic approach; Total, geometric, and dynamical phas . . . . .
The discrete dipole approximation: an overview and recent developments
Author: Maxim A. Yurkin, Alfons G. Hoekstra  Language:
We present a review of the discrete dipole approximation (DDA), which is a general method to simulate light scattering by arbitrarily shaped particles. We put the method in historical context and disc . . . . .
Introduction to Quantum Optics
Author: V. I. Man'ko  Language:
The theory of quantum propagator and time--dependent integrals of motion in quantum optics is reviewed as well as the properties of Wigner function, Q--function, and coherent state representation. Pro . . . . .
Author: Dr. Daniel Suson  Language:
A mathematical treatment of the modern theory of optics. Topics include Huygen\'s principle as applied to geometric optics, interference, diffraction, polarization, electromagnetic theory of light, th . . . . .

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