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Numerical Analysis

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Finite element method[3]

Numerical Methods in Scientific Computing
Author: Germund Dahlquist and Åke Björck  Language:
Contents: Principles of Numerical Calculations; How to Obtain and Estimate Accuracy; Series, Operators and Continued Fractions; Interpolation and Related Subjects; Numerical integration; Scalar Nonlin . . . . .
Numerical Analysis - Theory and Application
Author: Edited by: Jan Awrejcewicz  Language:
Numerical Analysis - Theory and Application Numerical Analysis – Theory and Application is an edited book divided into two parts: Part I devoted to Theory, and Part II dealing with Application. The presented book is focused on introducing the . . . . .
Numerical Methods for Scientific Computing
Author: J.H. Heinbockel  Language:
Numerical Methods for Scientific Computing Topics: Root Finding ,Orthogonal functions, Finite Differences, Divided Differences, Interpolation, Curve Fitting, Z-Transforms, Summation Formula, Quadrature Formula, Ordinary Differential E . . . . .
Iterative methods for sparse linear systems
Author: Yousef Saad  Language:
 Iterative methods for sparse linear systems Easier to implement on parallel computers and more convenient than direct solvers for three-dimensional models, iterative methods are being increasingly applied in scientific and engineering disciplin . . . . .
Fundamental Numerical Methods and Data Analysis
Author: George W. Collins, II  Language:
Contents: Introduction and Fundamental Concepts; The Numerical Methods for Linear Equations and Matrices; Polynomial Approximation, Interpolation, and Orthogonal Polynomials; Numerical Evaluation of D . . . . .
Numerical Analysis I
Author: Mark Embree  Language:
We model our world with continuous mathematics. Whether our interest is natural science, engineering, even finance and economics, the models we most often employ are functions of real variables. The . . . . .
Lectures on Matrix Computations
Author: Gene H. Golub  Language:
Topics: Introduction and Preliminaries; More Decompositions; More on the SVD Generation of Eigenvalue Problems; Methods For Computing the Largest Eigenvalue in Modulus; Finding Other Eigenvalues; P . . . . .
Numerical Methods Course Notes
Author: Steven E. Pav  Language:
What started as daily course notes in a numerical methods course blossomed into a manuscript now standing in for the course textbook. only the classical topics are covered. last updated oct 13, 2005.
Basic Computational Numerical Analysis
Author: J. M. McDonough  Language:
Basic Computational Numerical Analysis Contents: Numerical Linear Algebra; Solution of nonlinear equations; approximation theory; numerical solution of ODEs; Numerical solution of PDEs.
Analyse Numérique
Author: Salem MATHLOUTHI  Language:
Table des matières: Introduction; Methodes iteratives pour la solution d’un systeme linaire; Methodes iteatives pour le calcul des valeurs propres et des vecteurs propres; Methodes d’interpolation et . . . . .
Méthodes d\'analyse numérique
Author: Pascal Viot  Language:
Contenu: Intégration et sommes discrètes; Fonctions spéciales et Evaluation de fonctions; Interpolation de fonctions; Racines d\'équations; Equations différentielles; Transformée de Fourier rapide et . . . . .
Computational Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equatio
Author: J. M. McDonough  Language:
Contents: 1 Numerical Solution of Elliptic Equations; 2 Time-Splitting Methods for Evolution Equations; 3 Various Miscellaneous Topics.
NumericalMethods for Large Eigenvalue Problems
Author: Yousef Saad  Language:
This book was originally published by Manchester University Press (Oxford rd, Manchester, UK) in 1992 -- (ISBN 0 7190 3386 1) and in the US under Halstead Press (John Wiley, ISBN 0 470 21820 7). It i . . . . .
Numerical Stability
Author: M.N. Spijker  Language:
Contents: Partial di erential equations and numerical methods; Analysis; Linear algebra; The problem of stability in the numerical solution of di erential equations; Stability estimates under resolven . . . . .
An Introduction to Total Least Squares
Author: P. P. N. de Groen  Language:
The method of ``Total Least Squares' is proposed as a more natural way (than ordinary least squares) to approximate the data if both the matrix and and the right-hand side are contaminated by ``errors . . . . .
Templates for the Solution of Algebraic Eigenvalue Problems.
Author:   Language:
Templates for the Solution of Algebraic Eigenvalue Problems. Contents: A Brief Tour of Eigenproblems; An Introduction to Iterative Projection Methods; Hermitian Eigenvalue Problems; Generalized Hermitian Eigenvalue Problems; Singular Value Decomposition; Non-He . . . . .
Numerical Analysis for Engineering
Author: Douglas Wilhelm Harder, M.Math., Richard Khoury, Ph.D.  Language:
Numerical Analysis for Engineering This represents many years of work on preparing a free on-line text book for numerical analysis specifically targeting electrical and computer engineering. The first author first began working on this . . . . .

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