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Electricity and Megnetism

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Graduate E & M
Author: Walter Wilcox  Language:
The present online version is two semester graduate level text, approximately 360 350 pages long. It is on the level of the well-known textbook by J. D. Jackson. Included are many problems (approximat . . . . .
Electromagnetic Waves
Author: Vitaliy Zhurbenko  Language:
Electromagnetic Waves his book is dedicated to various aspects of electromagnetic wave theory and its applications in science and technology. The covered topics include the fundamental physics of electromagnetic waves, the . . . . .
Graduate Electrodynamics
Author: Mark Jarrell  Language:
Contents: Introduction to Electrostatics; Boundary-value Problems in Electrostatics; Multipoles; Macroscopic Media; Dielectrics; Static and Stationary Magnetic Fields; Maxwell\'s Equations; Plane Wave . . . . .
Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in Complex Matter
Author: Edited by: Ahmed Kishk  Language:
Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in Complex Matter This volume is based on the contributions of several authors in electromagnetic waves propagations. Several issues are considered. The contents of most of the chapters are highlighting non classic pre . . . . .
Electromagnetic Theory and Computation: A Topological Approach
Author: By Paul W. Gross and P. Robert Kotiuga  Language:
Although topology was recognized by Gauss and Maxwell to play a pivotal role in the formulation of electromagnetic boundary value problems, it is a largely unexploited tool for field computation. The . . . . .
Electricity and Magnetism
Author: J. B. Tatum  Language:
Contents: Electric Fields; Electrostatic Potential; Dipole and Quadrupole Moments; Batteries, Resistors and Ohm's Law; Capacitors; The Magnetic Effect of an Electric Current; Force on a Current in a . . . . .
Author: Hulin  Language:
Contents: rappels de mathématiques; rappels et compléments d'electrostatique; rappels e complements de magnetostatique; premiere approche des regimes variables, introduction eléctromagnetique; Gene . . . . .
Classical Electromagnetism
Author: Fitzpatrick  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Relativity and electromagetism; Dielectric and magnetic media; Electromagnetic wave propagation in dielectrics; Radiation and scattering; Resonant cavities and wave-guides; M . . . . .
Ondes électromagnétiques
Author: David Senechal  Language:
Ondes électromagnétiques Contents: Le champ electromagnetique; Ondes planes dans le vide et les dielectriquees; Theorie de la constante dielectrique; Reflexion et refraction; Propagation dans un dielectrique anisotr . . . . .
Electricity and Magnetism
Author: Benjamin Crowell  Language:
Electricity and Magnetism This book will allow you to understand the complex world of Electricity and Magnetism in physics, contents: Electricity and the Atom; The Nucleus; Circuits; Fields of Force; Electromagnetism.
Classical electrodynamics
Author: Eric Poisson  Language:
Contents: Maxwell’s electrodynamics; Electrostatics; Magnetostatics; Electromagnetic waves in matter; Electromagnetic radiation from slowly moving sources; Electrodynamics of point charges.
Classical Electrodynamics
Author: Alexander Altland  Language:
Classical Electrodynamics Contents: The static limit; Electrodynamics; Macroscopic electrodynamics; Relativistic invariance; Appendix.
Course in Electrodynamics
Author: Franz Wegner  Language:
Contents: Basic equations; Electrostatics; Magnetostatics; Law of Induction; Maxwell's Equations; Electromagnetic Waves; Electrodynamic Potentials; Lorentz Invariance of Electrodynamics; Different Sy . . . . .
Title: Introduccion a la Teoria de los Monopolos Magneticos
Author: Mauricio Vargas  Language:
This is a paper with the aim of give the student a detailed calculation of magnetic monopole\'s Dirac theory.
Funky Electromagnetic Concepts
Author: Eric L. Michelsen  Language:
Funky Electromagnetic Concepts Funky Electromagnetic Concepts: Physical, conceptual, geometric, and pictorial physics that didn’t fit in your textbook.
Electrodynamique classique
Author: Professeur Shaposhnikov  Language:
Contenu: Solution des ́quations de Maxwell en pr ́sence de charges et de courants : fonction de Green; Les potentiels de Li ́nard-Wiechert; Equations de Maxwell et transformations de . . . . .
Author: Adriano Nardi  Language:
FI.CO.2 FI.CO.2: appunti di Fisica 2 per Scienze Geologiche, probabilmente adatti anche agli studenti di Scienze Naturali. Comprende la prima parte del programma (elettricità) spiegata in modo semplice e grad . . . . .
Teaching electromagnetic field theory using differential forms
Author: K.Warnick,R.Selfridge and D.Arnold  Language:
Teaching electromagnetic field theory using differential forms.
The Cerenkov effect revisited: from swimming ducks to zero modes in gravitational analogs
Author: Iacopo Carusotto, Germain Rousseaux  Language:
We present an interdisciplinary review of the generalized Cerenkov emission of radiation from uniformly moving sources in the different contexts of classical electromagnetism, superfluid hydrodyna . . . . .
Classical Electrodynamics: A Tutorial on its Foundations
Author: Friedrich W. Hehl, Yuri N. Obukhov, Guillermo F.  Language:
They display the fundamental structure of classical electrodynamics.Starting from the axioms of (1) electric charge conservation, (2) the existence of a Lorentz force density, and (3) magnetic flux c . . . . .
Classical Electrodynamics and Theory of Relativity
Author: Ruslan Sharipov  Language:
This book is a manual for the course of electrodynamics and theory of relativity. It is recommended primarily for students of mathematical departments. This defines its style: I use elements of vector . . . . .
Electromagnétisme et Relativité
Author: J.M. Raimond  Language:
Electromagnétisme et Relativité Contents: I Introduction; II Mécanique Analytique; III Relativité Restreinte; IV Propagation et diffraction; V Sources du rayonnement; VI Electromagnétisme dans la matière.

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