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General Relativity

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General covariance and the foundations of general relativity: eight decades of dispute
Author: John D Norton  Language:
General covariance and the foundations of general relativity: eight decades of dispute Einstein offered the principle of general covariance as the fundamental physical principle of his general theory of relativity and as responsible for extending the principle of relativity to acceler . . . . .
Author: Hermann Weyl  Language:
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has advanced our ideas of the structure of the cosmos a step further. It is as if a wall which sep- arated us from Truth has collapsed. Wider expanses and greater d . . . . .
Notes on general relativity
Author: Matt Visser  Language:
In this condensed one-semester version of the usual di fferential geometry [Math 464] and general relativity and cosmology [Math 465] sequence of courses I will cover two main items: Mathematically, . . . . .
Introduction to Modern Canonical Quantum General Relativity
Author: Thomas Thiemann  Language:
This is an introduction to the by now fifteen years old research field of canonical quantum general relativity, sometimes called "loop quantum gravity". The term "modern" in the title refers to the fa . . . . .
Lecture Notes on General Relativity
Author: Sean M. Carroll  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Special Relativity and Flat Spacetime; Manifolds; Curvature; Gravitation; More Geometry; Weak Fields and Gravitational Radiation; The Schwarzschild Solution and Black Holes; Co . . . . .
The Theory Of Gravity
Author: A.A. Logunov  Language:
In the framework of the special theory of relativity, the relativistic theory of gravitation (RTG) is constructed. The energy-momentum tensor density of all the matter fields (including gravitational . . . . .
3 plus 1 Formalism and Bases of Numerical Relativity
Author: Eric Gourgoulhon  Language:
These lecture notes provide some introduction to the 3 plus 1 formalism of general relativity, which is the foundation of most modern numerical relativity. The text is rather self-contained, with deta . . . . .
Introduction to Tensor Calculus for General Relativity
Author: Edmund Bertschinger  Language:
Introduction to Tensor Calculus for General Relativity
Advanced general relativity
Author: Eric Poisson  Language:
Advanced general relativity Contents: Fundamentals; Geodesic congruences; hypersurfaces; Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations of general relativity; Black holes.
Yang Mills model of interacting particles in the classical field theory
Author: Jean Claude Dutailly   Language:
The purpose is to study systems of interacting particles in the General Relativity context, by the principle of least action using purely classical concepts. The particles are described by a state ten . . . . .
Lecture Notes on General Relativity
Author: Matthias Blau  Language:
These are lecture notes of an introductionary course on General Relativity done in the years 1998-2003 in the framework of the ICTP Diploma Course.
Post-Newtonian theory for the common reader
Author: Eric Poisson  Language:
Contents: Preliminaries; Integration techniques; First post-Minkowskian approximation; Second post-Minkowskian approximation; Equations of motion; Gravitational waves; Energy radiated and radiation re . . . . .
Relativite Generale
Author: Bernrd linet  Language:
Contenu: observateurs, espaces-temps et lois de la dynamique; Theorie de Newton de la gravitation; elements de calcul tensoriel en espace affine; elements de geometrie differentielle d'une variete; th . . . . .
Differential Geometry and Relativity
Author: Bob Gardner  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Curves; Gauss Curvature; Surfaces in E3; First Fundamental Form; Second Fundamental Form; The Gauss Curvature in Detail; Geodesics; The Curvature Tensor and the Theorema Egregi . . . . .
Introduction to Tensor Calculus for General Relativity
Author: Edmund Bertschinger  Language:
Contents: Tensor Calculus; Hamiltonian Dynamics of Particle Motion; Measuring the Metric, and Curvature versus Acceleration; Symmetry Transformations, the Einstein-Hilbert Action, and Gauge Invarian . . . . .
Gravitational Wave Tests of General Relativity with Ground-Based Detectors and Pulsar Timing Arrays
Author: Nicolas Yunes, Xavier Siemens  Language:
This review is focused on tests of Einstein's theory of General Relativity with gravitational waves that are detectable by ground-based interferometers and pulsar timing experiments. Einstein's theory . . . . .
The Confrontation between General Relativity and Experiment
Author: Clifford M. Will  Language:
The status of experimental tests of general relativity and of theoretical frameworks for analyzing them are reviewed and updated. Einstein's equivalence principle (EEP) is well supported by exper . . . . .
Chern-Simons Modified General Relativity
Author: Stephon Alexander, Nicolas Yunes  Language:
Chern-Simons modified gravity is an effective extension of general relativity that captures leading-order, gravitational parity violation. Such an effective theory is motivated by anomaly cancelation . . . . .
Relativité Générale
Author: Prof. Hervé Kunz  Language:
Contenu:Relativité restreinte; Géométrie différentielle;Relativité générale; Complément mathématique.
Schwarzschild and Kerr Solutions of Einstein Field Equation -- an introduction
Author: Christian Heinicke (1), Friedrich W. Hehl   Language:
Starting from Newton's gravitational theory, we give a general introduction into the spherically symmetric solution of Einstein's vacuum field equation, the Schwarzschild(-Droste) solution, and into o . . . . .
Lanczos-Lovelock models of gravity
Author: T. Padmanabhan, D. Kothawala  Language:
Lanczos-Lovelock models of gravity represent a natural and elegant generalization of Einstein's theory of gravity to higher dimensions. They are characterized by the fact that the field equations only . . . . .
Topics in Advanced General Relativity
Author: Sergei Winitzki  Language:
Topics include: Asymptotic structure of spacetime, conformal diagrams, null surfaces, Raychaudhury equation, black holes, the holographic principle, singularity theorems, Einstein-Hilbert action, ener . . . . .
Tests of Lorentz invariance: a 2013 update
Author: Stefano Liberati  Language:
We present an updated review of Lorentz invariance tests in Effective field theories (EFT) in the matter as well as in the gravity sector. After a general discussion of the role of Lorentz invariance . . . . .
Introduction to General Relativity
Author: Gerardus 'T HOOFT  Language:
Contents: Summary of the theory of Special Relativity; The Eotvos experiment and the equivalence principle; The constantly accelerated elevator , Rindler space; Curved Coordinates; The affine connecti . . . . .
Introduction to General Relativity
Author: G. 't Hooft  Language:
After explaining the physical motivations we first introduce curved coordinates, then add to this the notion of an affine connection field and only as a later step add to that the metric field. One th . . . . .
Emergent models for gravity: an overview
Author: L. Sindoni  Language:
We give a critical overview of various attempts to describe gravity as an emergent phenomenon, starting from examples of condensed matter physics, to arrive to more sophisticated pregeometric models. . . . . .
Spacetime Geometry and General Relativity
Author: Neil Lambert  Language:
The plan of the course is as follows. We will first review Special Relativity. It is assumed that you have a reasonable knowledge of this as well as tensors such as those encountered in Electromagnet . . . . .
All spacetimes beyond Einstein (Obergurgl Lectures)
Author: Frederic P. Schuller  Language:
Abstract: Which geometries on a smooth manifold (apart from Lorentzian metrics) can serve as a spacetime structure? This question is comprehensively addressed from first principles in eight lectur . . . . .
Myers-Perry black holes
Author: Robert C. Myers  Language:
Abstract: We review the vacuum solutions of Einstein's equations in higher dimensions known as Myers-Perry metrics. In many respects, these solutions describing spinning black holes admit the same . . . . .
Title: Relativity and Singularities - A Short Introduction for Mathematicians
Author: Jose Natario  Language:
We summarize the main ideas of General Relativity and Lorentzian geometry, leading to a proof of the simplest of the celebrated Hawking-Penrose singularity theorems. The reader is assumed to be famili . . . . .
Introduction to Modern Canonical Quantum General Relativity
Author: Thomas Thiemann  Language:
This is an introduction to the by now fifteen years old research field of canonical quantum general relativity, sometimes called \\\"loop quantum gravity\\\". (301 pages)
Selected solutions of Einstein's field equations
Author: Jiri Bicak  Language:
Contents: 1) Introduction and a few excursions 2) The Schwarzschild solution 3) The Reissner- Nordstrom solution 4) The Kerr metric 5) Black hole uniqueness and multi-black hole solutions 6) Stati . . . . .
General Relativity
Author: Benjamin Crowell  Language:
General Relativity Contents:1. A geometrical theory of spacetime 2. Geometry of flat spacetime 3. Differential geometry 4. Tensors 5. Curvature 6. Vacuum solutions 7. Symmetries 8. Sources 9. Gravitational waves.

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