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Quantum magnetism

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Critical Dynamics of Magnets
Author: Erwin Frey, Franz Schwabl (TU Muenchen)  Language:
We review our current understanding of the critical dynamics of magnets above and below the transition temperature with focus on the effects due to the dipole--dipole interaction present in all real m . . . . .
Colossal magnetoresistant materials
Author: Elbio Dagotto *, Takashi Hotta , Adriana Moreo  Language:
Contents: Introduction Basic properties, phase diagrams, and CMR e!ect in manganites; Theory of manganites; Experimental evidence of inhomogeneities in manganites; Discussion, open questions, and . . . . .
Strongly Disordered Quantum Spin Systems in Low Dimensions
Author: Yu-cheng Lin  Language:
Strongly Disordered Quantum Spin Systems in Low Dimensions Strongly Disordered Quantum Spin Systems in Low Dimensions: Numerical Study of Spin Chains, Spin Ladders and Two-Dimensional Systems. Contents: Introduction to Quantum Phase Transitions with Disorder . . . . .
Frustrated Quantum Magnets
Author: Claire Lhuillier  Language:
A description of different phases of two dimensional magnetic insulators is given. The first chapters are devoted to the understanding of the symmetry breaking mechanism in the semi-classical Neel pha . . . . .
Lecture notes on Nanomagnetism
Author: Olivier Fruchart  Language:
Lecture notes on Nanomagnetism This manuscript is based on series of lectures about Nanomagnetism. Parts have been given at the European School on Magnetism, at the Ecole Doctorale de Physique de Grenoble, or in Master lectures . . . . .
Quantum magnetism (Graduate lectures)
Author: Jonathan Keeling  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Magnetic Insulators; Metals; Magnetic impurities; Other magnetic phenomena; Connections to macroscopics.
Quantum Antiferromagnets in Two Dimensions
Author: Subir Sachdev  Language:
These are lectures presented at the summer course on ``Low Dimensional Quantum Field Theories for Condensed Matter Physicists'', 24 Aug. to 4 Sep. 1992, Trieste, Italy. I review recent work, performed . . . . .
Theory of Spin Hall Effects in Semiconductors
Author: Hans-Andreas Engel, Emmanuel I. Rashba, Bertrand  Language:
Spin Hall effects are a collection of phenomena, resulting from spin-orbit coupling, in which an electrical current flowing through a sample can lead to spin transport in a perpendicular direction and . . . . .
Heavy Fermions: electrons at the edge of magnetisms
Author: P. Coleman  Language:
An introduction to the physics of heavy fermion compounds is presented, attempting to highlight the conceptual developments and emphasize the mysteries and open questions that persist in this active f . . . . .
Berry phase effects in magnetism
Author: Patrick Bruno  Language:
Lecture notes published in ''Magnetism goes nano'', Lecture Manuscripts of the 36th Spring School of the Institute of Solid State Research, edited by Stefan Bluegel, Thomas Brueckel, and Claus M. Schn . . . . .
Spin Ice
Author: Michel J.P. Gingras  Language:
Geometric frustration usually arises in systems that comprise magnetic moments (spins) which reside on the sites of a lattice made up of elementary triangular or tetrahedral units and which interact v . . . . .
Theory of Orbital Magnetization in Solids
Author: T. Thonhauser  Language:
In this review article, we survey the relatively new theory of orbital magnetization in solids-often referred to as the "modern theory of orbital magnetization"-and its applications. Surprisingly, whi . . . . .
Quantum magnets: a brief overview
Author: Indrani Bose  Language:
Quantum magnetism is one of the most active areas of research in condensed matter physics. There is significant research interest specially in low-dimensional quantum spin systems. Such systems have a . . . . .
Variational wave functions for frustrated magnetic models
Author: Federico Becca, Luca Capriotti, Alberto Parola, Sandro Sorella  Language:
Variational wave functions containing electronic pairing and suppressed charge fluctuations (i.e., projected BCS states) have been proposed as the paradigm for disordered magnetic systems (including s . . . . .
Optical Metamagnetism and Negative Index Metamaterials
Author: Uday K. Chettiar et al.  Language:
A new class of artificially structured materials called metamaterials makes it possible to achieve electromagnetic properties that do not exist in nature. In this paper we review the recent progress m . . . . .
Paradosso EPR e teorema di Bell
Author: Oreste Nicrosini  Language:
La peculiarità più importante e stupefacente della meccanica quantistica è il suo indeterminismo, cioè la sua incapacità di principio di dare previsioni certe per i risultati dei singoli esperimenti. . . . . .

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