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Abstract Algebra

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Ring Theory[5]

Galois Groups and Fundamental Groups
Author: Tamas Szamuely  Language:
The first three chapters may be read by anyone acquainted with basic field theory, point set topology and the rudiments of complex analysis. Chapter 4 already treats algebraic geometry, but is meant . . . . .
Introduction to Abstract Algebra
Author: Malik, Mondeson, Sen  Language:
This book is intended for a one-year introductory course in abstract algebra with some topics of an advanced level. Its design is such that the book can also be used for a one-semester course. The bo . . . . .
Generic Polynomials: Constructive Aspects of the Inverse Galois Problem
Author: By Christian U. Jensen, Arne Ledet, and Noriko Yui  Language:
This book describes a constructive approach to the inverse Galois problem: Given a finite group G and a field K, determine whether there exists a Galois extension of K whose Galois group . . . . .
Abstract Algebra: The Basic Graduate Year
Author: Robert B. Ash  Language:
Contents: Prerequisites; Group Fundamentals; Ring Fundamentals; Field Fundamentals; Module Fundamentals; Enrichment; Some Basic Techniques of Group Theory; Galois Theory; Introducing Algebraic Number . . . . .
Intro to Abstract Algebra
Author: Paul Garrett  Language:
Contents: Basic Algebra of Polynomials (2) Induction and the Well-ordering Principle (3) Sets (4) Some counting principles (5) The Integers (6) Unique factorization into primes (7) (*) Prime Num . . . . .
Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra
Author: Edwin H. Connell  Language:
Contents: Background and Fundamentals of Mathematics; Groups; Rings; Matrices and Matrix Rings; Linear Algebra.
Abstract Algebra
Author: David R. Wilkins  Language:
Lecture notes about Abstract Algebra, contents: Number Theory, Group Theory, Galois Theory, A collection of problems.
Elementary Abstract Algebra
Author: W. Edwin Clark  Language:
Contents: Binary operations; Introduction to groups; The symmetric groups; subgroups; The group of units of Zn; Direct products of groups; Isomorphism of groups; Cosets and Lagrange's Theorem; Introdu . . . . .
Incomplete Notes on Fraleigh’s Abstract Algebra
Author: Afra Zomorodian  Language:
Contents: A Few Preliminaries; ntroduction to Groups; Homomorphisms and Fact; Advanced Group Theory; Introduction to Rings and Fields; Factor Rings and Ideals; Factorization; Extension Fields.
Applied Abstract Algebra
Author: D. Joyner, R. Kreminski, J. Turisco  Language:
Contents: Some elementary number theory; Polynomials, rings and fields; Error-correcting codes; Permutations; An introduction to groups; Special projects: Codes.

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