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Quantum Electrodynamics

Quatum Field Theory -> Quantum ElectrodynamicsSearch on Amazon

Relativistic Quantum Dynamics
Author: Eugene V. Stefanovich  Language:
This book contains a detailed discussion of relativistic quantum theories of interacting particles. The foundations of the theory, including the principle of relativity and postulates of quantum logic . . . . .
Author: Roberto Casalbuoni  Language:
Contenuto: Il propagatore non relativistico, Le propriet a formali del propagatore, La matrice di scattering, Scattering coulombiano, Le terie relativistiche, La teoria d . . . . .
Photons, Schmotons
Author: John Baez and Michael Weiss  Language:
Photons, Schmotons Did you ever wonder "What the heck is a photon, anyway?" Well, this question quickly gets you into pretty deep waters. Not only do you need to understand Maxwell's equations and quantum mechanics, yo . . . . .
Circuit QED - Lecture Notes
Author: Nathan K. Langford  Language:
The new and rapidly growing field of circuit QED offers extremely exciting prospects for learning about and exercising intimate control over quantum systems, providing flexible, engineerable design an . . . . .
An Introduction to QFT, QED and QCD
Author: Jeff Forshaw  Language:
Introduzione alla teoria quantistica dei campi e all\\\'elettrodinamica quantistica.
Introduction to quantum field theory and quantum electrodynamics.

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