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Astrophysics of stars

Astronomy and Astrophysics -> Astrophysics of starsSearch on Amazon

Struttura ed evoluzione delle stelle
Author: Ceare Chiosi  Language:
Lo studio della struttura ed evoluzione delle stelle costituenti la frazione dominante della massa direttamente osservabile dell Universo e' di fondamentale importanza nella comprensione di fenomeni d . . . . .
The Fundamentals of Stellar Astrophysics
Author: George W. Collins, II  Language:
Contents: Introduction and Fundamental Principles; Basic Assumptions, Theorems, and Polytropes; Sources and Sinks of Energy; Flow of Energy through the Star and Construction of Stellar Models; Theory . . . . .
Fondamenti di Astrofisica Stellare
Author: Vittorio Castellani  Language:
Il sito contiene sotto forma di file formato .pdf gli undici capitoli della versione riveduta e aggiornata del testo \"Astrofisica Stellare\" edito a suo tempo per i tipi dell\'Editore Zanichelli e og . . . . .
Stellar Atmospheres
Author: Dr. J. B. Tatum  Language:
Contents: Definitions of and Relations between Quantities used in Radiation Theory; Blackbody Radiation; The Exponential Integral Function; Flux, Specific Intensity and other Astrophysical Terms; Abso . . . . .
The Virial Theorem in Stellar Astrophysics
Author: George W. Collins, II  Language:
Contents: Development of the Virial Theorem; Contemporary Aspects of the Virial Theorem; The Variational Form of the Virial Theorem; Some Applications of the Virial Theorem.
Relativistic Binaries in Globular Clusters
Author: Matthew J. Benacquista, Jonathan M. B. Downing  Language:
Galactic globular clusters are old, dense star systems typically containing 10\super{4}--10\super{7} stars. As an old population of stars, globular clusters contain many collapsed and degenerate objec . . . . .
Stellar Superfluids
Author: Dany Page, James M. Lattimer, Madappa Prakash, Andre  Language:
Neutron stars provide a fertile environment for exploring superfluidity under extreme conditions. It is not surprising that Cooper pairing occurs in dense matter since nucleon pairing is observed in n . . . . .
Neutrinos and the stars
Author: Georg Raffelt  Language:
The role of neutrinos in stars is introduced for students with little prior astrophysical exposure. We begin with neutrinos as an energy-loss channel in ordinary stars and conversely, how stars provid . . . . .
Advances in Global and Local Helioseismology: an Introductory Review
Author: Alexander G. Kosovichev  Language:
Helioseismology studies the structure and dynamics of the Sun's interior by observing oscillations on the surface. These studies provide information about the physical processes that control the evolu . . . . .
The Life of a Star
Author: Ceare Chiosi  Language:
Contents: Principles of stellar structure theory; The Sun – example of a low-mass main-sequence star; Low-mass star evolution: Globular clusters; Late evolutionary phases of intermediate-mass stars; P . . . . .
The solar magnetic field
Author: Sami K. Solanki, Bernd Inhester, Manfred Schüssler  Language:
The magnetic field of the Sun is the underlying cause of the many diverse phenomena combined under the heading of solar activity. Here we describe the magnetic field as it threads its way from the bot . . . . .
Massive Stars and their Supernovae
Author: Friedrich-Karl Thielemann, Raphael Hirschi, Matthias Li  Language:
Massive stars and their supernovae are prominent sources of radioactive isotopes, the observations of which thus can help to improve our astrophysical models of those. Our understanding of stellar evo . . . . .
The First Stars
Author: Simon C. O. Glover  Language:
The first stars to form in the Universe -- the so-called Population III stars -- bring an end to the cosmological Dark Ages, and exert an important influence on the formation of subsequent generations . . . . .
The magnetic fields of forming solar-like stars
Author: S. G. Gregory , M. Jardine , C. G. Gray , J.-F. Donati  Language:
Magnetic fields play a crucial role at all stages of the formation of low mass stars and planetary systems. In the final stages, in particular, they control the kinematics of in-falling gas from circu . . . . .
Magnetic fields in massive stars, their winds, and their nebulae
Author: Rolf Walder, Doris Folini, Georges Meynet  Language:
Massive stars are crucial building blocks of galaxies and the universe, as production sites of heavy elements and as stirring agents and energy providers through stellar winds and supernovae. The fiel . . . . .
The physics of neutron stars
Author: A. Y. Potekhin (Ioffe Institute)  Language:
Topical problems in the physics of and basic facts about neutron stars are reviewed. The observational manifestations of neutron stars, their core and envelope structure, magnetic fields, thermal evol . . . . .
Recent Advances in Understanding Particle Acceleration Processes in Solar Flares
Author: a.v.  Language:
We review basic theoretical concepts in particle acceleration, with particular emphasis on processes likely to occur in regions of magnetic reconnection. Several new developments are discussed, includ . . . . .

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