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Noncommutative Geometry

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Noncommutative Geometry, Quantum Fields and Motives
Author: Alain Connes Matilde Marcolli  Language:
Contents:Quantum fields, noncommutative spaces, and motives; Quantum statistical mechanics and Galois symmetries; Endomotives, thermodynamics, and the Weil explicit formula.
An Introduction to Noncommutative Spaces and their Geometry
Author: G. Landi  Language:
These lectures notes are an intoduction for physicists to several ideas and applications of noncommutative geometry. The necessary mathematical tools are presented in a way which we feel should be acc . . . . .
Lectures on Arithmetic Noncommutative Geometry
Author: Matilde Marcolli (MPI Bonn)  Language:
This is the text of a series of five lectures given by the author at the "Second Annual Spring Institute on Noncommutative Geometry and Operator Algebras" held at Vanderbilt University in May 2004. It . . . . .
Lectures on Noncommutative Geometry
Author: Masoud Khalkhali  Language:
This text is an introduction to a few selected areas of Alain Connes' noncommutative geometry written for the volume of the school/conference "Noncommutative Geometry 2005" held at IPM Tehran. It is . . . . .
Geometries and Forces
Author: Thomas Schucker (Marseille)  Language:
The present status of Connes' noncommutative view at the four forces is reviewed.
Homological methods in Non-commutative Geometry
Author: D. Kaledin  Language:
There were eleven lectures in total. Every lecture is preceeded by a brief abstract. The first seven deal with the homological part of the story (cyclic homology, its various definitions, vari- ous . . . . .
Hopf algebras in noncommutative geometry
Author: Joseph C. Varilly  Language:
We give an introductory survey to the use of Hopf algebras in several problems of noncommutative geometry. The main example, the Hopf algebra of rooted trees, is a graded, connected Hopf algebra arisi . . . . .
Lectures on graded differential algebras and noncommutative geom
Author: Michel Dubois-Violette  Language:
These notes contain a survey of some aspects of the theory of graded differential algebras and of noncommutative differential calculi as well as of some applications connected with physics. They also . . . . .
Noncommutative Geometry Year 2000
Author: Alain Connes  Language:
We describe basic concepts of noncommutative geometry and a general construction extending the familiar duality between ordinary spaces and commutative algebras to a duality between Quotient spaces an . . . . .
An informal introduction to the ideas and concepts of noncommutative geometry
Author: Thierry Masson  Language:
This informal introduction is an extended version of a three hours lecture given at the 6th Peyresq meeting ``Integrable systems and quantum field theory''. In this lecture, we make an overview of som . . . . .
A Short Survey of Noncommutative Geometry
Author: Alain Connes  Language:
We give a survey of selected topics in noncommutative geometry, with some emphasis on those directly related to physics, including our recent work with Dirk Kreimer on renormalization and the Riemann- . . . . .
An Introduction to Noncommutative Geometry
Author: Joseph C. Varilly  Language:
These are lecture notes for a course given at the Summer School on Noncommutative Geometry and Applications, sponsored by the European Mathematical Society, at Monsaraz and Lisboa, Portugal, September . . . . .

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