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Probability Theory

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Markov Chains and Stochastic Stability
Author: S.P. Meyn and R.L. Tweedie  Language:
Contents:Front Matter (Preface, Contents, etc.); Heuristics; Markov Models; Transition Probabilities; Irreducibility; Pseudo-atoms; Topology and Continuity; The Nonlinear State Space Model; Transience . . . . .
Introduction to Probability Theory
Author: Charles M. Grinstead, J. Laurie Snell  Language:
Introduction to Probability Theory This introductory probability book, published by the American Mathematical Society, is available from AMS bookshop. It has, since publication, also been available for download here in pdf format. We . . . . .
An Introduction to Probability and Random Processes
Author: Gian-Carlo Rota and Kenneth Baclawski  Language:
An Introduction to Probability and Random Processes, by Gian-Carlo Rota and Kenneth Baclawski. This is the 1979 manuscript of the work Professor Rota had been working on for some time.
Probability on Trees and Networks
Author: Russell Lyons with Yuval Peres  Language:
Contents: Some Highlights Random Walks and Electric Networks Infinite Electrical Networks and Dirichlet Functions Percolation on Trees Isoperimetric Inequalities Percolation on Transitive Graphs . . . . .
Probability: Theory and Examples
Author: Rick Durrett  Language:
Contents: Measure Theory; Laws of Large Numbers; Central Limit Theorems; Random Walks; Martingales; Markov Chains; Ergodic Theorems; Brownian Motion.
Reversible Markov Chains and Random Walks on Graphs
Author: David Aldous  Language:
Contents: Introduction; General Markov Chains; Reversible Markov Chains; Hitting and Convergence Time, and Flow Rate, Parameters for Reversible Markov Chains; coupling theory and examples; Special Gra . . . . .
Aleatoire: Introduction à la théorie et au calcul des probabilités
Author: Sylvie Méléard  Language:
Table de matière: Introduction; space de probabilité; Espace fini ou dénombrable; Variables aléatoires réelles et Vecteurs aléatoires; Convergences et loi des grands nombres; Fonctions caractéristique . . . . .
Probability and Stochastic Processes with Applications
Author: Oliver Knill  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Limit Theorems; Discrete stochastic processes; Continuous stochastic processes; Selected topics.
Probability Theory
Author: S.R.S.Varadhan  Language:
Contents: Measure Theory; Weak Convergence; Independent Sums; Dependent Random Variables; Martingales; Stationary Stochastic Processes; Dynamic Programming and Filtering.
Probability, Random Processes, and Ergodic Properties
Author: R.M. Gray  Language:
This book has been written for several reasons, not all of which are academic. This material was for many years the first half of a book in progress on information and ergodic theory. The inten . . . . .
Trattatello di Probabilità
Author: Marinari e Parisi  Language:
Contenuto: introduzione; distribuzioni di probabilità; Legge dei grandi numeri e teorema del limite centrale; grandi deviazioni; analisi dei dati sperimentali; cammini aleatori; reazioni a catena e f . . . . .
Gibbs Measures and Phase Transitions on Sparse Random Graphs
Author: Amir Dembo, Andrea Montanari  Language:
Many problems of interest in computer science and information theory can be phrased in terms of a probability distribution over discrete variables associated to the vertices of a large (but finite) sp . . . . .
Author: Douglas Kennedy  Language:
Probability Theory: The Logic of Science
Author: Edwin Thompson Jaynes  Language:
Contents: Plausible Reasoning; The Quantitative Rules; Elementary Sampling Theory; Elementary Hypothesis Testing; Continuous Probability Distribution Functions.
Notes on Hilbert Spaces, Fourier Transform and Probability
Author: Pierre Brémaud  Language:
Contents: Integration; Hilbert spaces; Fourier analysis; Probability.
Notes on Probability and Spectral Characterization
Author: Pierre Brémaud  Language:
Notes on Probability and Spectral Characterization of Second Order Processes. Contents: Probability; Wide-sense Stationary Stochastic Processes; ARMA models.
Recent progress on the Random Conductance Model
Author: Marek Biskup  Language:
Recent progress on the understanding of the Random Conductance Model is reviewed and commented. A particular emphasis is on the results on the scaling limit of the random walk among random conductance . . . . .
Determinantal Martingales and Interacting Particle Systems
Author: Makoto Katori  Language:
Determinantal process is a dynamical extension of a determinantal point process such that any spatio-temporal correlation function is given by a determinant specified by a single continuous function c . . . . .
Lectures on singular stochastic PDEs
Author: M. Gubinelli, N. Perkowski  Language:
These are the notes for a course at the 18th Brazilian School of Probability held from August 3rd to 9th, 2014 in Mambucaba. The aim of the course is to introduce the basic problems of non--linear PD . . . . .
Condenser physics applied to Markov chains - A brief introduction to potential theory
Author: Authors: A. Gaudilliere  Language:
These notes constitute the introduction to potential theory I exposed at the XIIth brazilian school of probability inside Elisabetta Scoppola\\\'s Introduction to Metastability.

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