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Control Theory

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Linear Optimal Control Systems
Author: H. Kwakernaak and R. Sivan  Language:
Contents: Elements of Linear System Theory; Analysis of Linear Control Systems; Optimal Linear State Feedback Control Systems; Optimal Linear; Reconstruction of the State; Optimal Linear Output Feedba . . . . .
Linear Controller Design: Limits of Performance
Author: Stephen Boyd and Craig Barratt  Language:
Linear Controller Design: Limits of Performance The main topic of the book is closed-loop design and the computation of performance limits using convexity. The book introduces a standard framework for the control design problem and describes man . . . . .
Linear Matrix Inequalities in System and Control Theory
Author: Stephen Boyd, Laurent El Ghaoui, E. Feron, and V. Balakrishnan  Language:
	Linear Matrix Inequalities in System and Control Theory In this book the authors reduce a wide variety of problems arising in system and control theory to a handful of convex and quasiconvex optimization problems that involve linear matrix inequalities. Th . . . . .
An Introduction to Mathematical Optimal Control Theory
Author: Lawrence Craig Evans  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Controllability, bang-bang principle; Linear time-optimal control; The Pontryagin Maximum Principle; Dynamic programming; Game theory; Introduction to stochastic control theory . . . . .

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