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Solid State Physics

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Chemistry -> ... -> Solid State Chemistry

Berry Phase in Condensed Matter[3]

Introduction to Modern Solid State Physics
Author: Yuri M. Galperin  Language:
Contents: Geometry of Lattices; Lattice Vibrations: Phonons; Electrons in a Lattice.; Normal metals and semiconductors; Statistics and Thermodynamics; Classical dc Transport; Electrodynamics of Metals . . . . .
Applications de la Mecanique Quantique
Author: Claude Aslangul  Language:
Contents: Atome d'hydrogéne et compléments; Particules identiques; Atomes ŕ plusieur électrons; Illustration de postults de la Mecanique Quantique; L'approximation de Born et Oppenheimer; Structure . . . . .
Lecture Notes for Solid State Physics
Author: Steven H. Simon  Language:
Lecture Notes for Solid State Physics Contents: Physics of Solids without Considering Microscopic Structure: TheEarly Days of Solid State. Putting Materials Together; Toy Models of Solids in One Dimension; Geometry of Solids; Neutron and . . . . .
Solid State Physics
Author: Mark Jarrell  Language:
Solid State Physics Contents: Chemical Bonding and Atomic Physics; Crystal Structures and Symmetry; The Classical Theory of Crystal Diffraction; rystal Lattice Dynamics and the Quantum Theory of Neutron Scattering; Ther . . . . .
Struttura della materia
Author: Prof. Tognetti  Language:
Contenuto: Gli stati della materia ed i potenziali di interazione. Il problema della meccanica statistica. Necessita’ della meccanica quantistica. I gas. I gas quantistici. Effetti quantisti . . . . .
Optical Prop erties of Solids
Author: M. S. Dresselhaus  Language:
Contents: Review of Fundamental Relations for Optical Phenomena; Drude Theory{Free Carrier Contribution to the Optical Properties; Interband Transitions; The Joint Density of States and Critical . . . . .
Lecture Notes on Condensed Matter Physics
Author: Daniel Arovas  Language:
Contents: Boltzmann Transport; Mesoscopia; Linear Response Theory; Magnetism.
Lecture Notes on Condensed Matter Physics
Author: Daniel Arovas  Language:
Contents: Transport : Boltzmann equation, transport coecients, cyclotron resonance, magnetore- sistance, thermal transport, electron-phonon scattering Mesoscopic Physics : Landauer formula, condu . . . . .
Solid State Theory
Author: Manfred Sigrist  Language:
Contents: Electrons in the periodic crystal - band structure; Semiconductors; Metals; Itinerant electrons in a magnetic field; Landau's Theory of Fermi Liquids; Transport properties of metals; Ma . . . . .
Solid State II
Author: Peter J. Hirschfeld  Language:
Contents: Second Quantization; Electron-electron interactions; Magnetism; Electron-phonon interaction; Superconductivity; Quantum transport.
Vibrational Thermodynamics of Materials
Author: Brent Fultz  Language:
The literature on vibrational thermodynamics of materials is reviewed. The emphasis is on metals and alloys, especially on the progress over the last decade in understanding differences in the vibra . . . . .
Solid State Theory
Author: Manfred Sigrist  Language:
Contents: Electrons in the periodic crystal; Semiconductors; Metals - properties of interacting electrons; Landau’s Theory of Fermi Liquids; Transport properties of metals; Magnetism in metals; Mott . . . . .
Solid State Theory
Author: Dr. Johannes Roth  Language:
Contents:Introduction; Crystal Structure Lattice Vibrations; Electrons in a periodic potential; Interacting Electrons; Superconductivity; Magnetism.
Numerical Methods in Quantum Mechanics
Author: Paolo Giannozzi  Language:
The aim of these lecture notes is to provide an introduction to methods and techniques used in the numerical solution of simple (non-relativistic) quantum-mechanical problems, with special emphasis o . . . . .
Solid State Theory
Author: Prof. A. Muramatsu and S. Wessel  Language:
Contents: Crystal structure; Lattice vibrations; Electrons in periodic potentials; Identical particles; Second quantization; Fermi gas; Green's functions; Hartree-Fock; Collective Excitations; Superc . . . . .
Solid State II
Author: Peter Hirschfeld  Language:
Solid State II Contents: Magnetism; Interactions; e--ph Interactions; Super-conductivity; Quantum Hall effect; Disorder, BEC, josephson junctions.
Solid State II
Author: Peter J. Hirschfeld  Language:
Contents: introduction; electron-electron interaction; quantum magnetism; electron-phonon interaction; superconductivity; Ginzburg-Landau Theory; Topological state of matter; Jopheson junctions; BEC.
Modern Computational Methods in Solids
Author: Adrian E. Feiguin  Language:
Contents: Schodinger’s Equation; Monte Carlo Simulation; Quantum Monte Carlo; Monte Carlo integration; Random sequences; Methods for band-structure calculations; Density Functional Theory; The Hartr . . . . .
Methods of Electronic structure theory
Author: Raffaele Resta  Language:
Contents:theory of the electronic ground state; screening and electrostatics; formal linear response theory; electron gas results; pseudopotential perturbation theory; ground state of periodic solids . . . . .
Developing the MTO Formalism
Author: O. K. Andersen, T. Saha-Dasgupta, R. W. Tank, C. Arcangeli, O. J  Language:
We review the simple linear muffin-tin orbital method in the atomic-spheres approximation and a tight-binding representation (TB-LMTO-ASA method), and show how it can be generalized to an accurate and . . . . .
Lecture Series in Electronic Structure Theory
Author: Sherrill research group  Language:
Lecture Series in Electronic Structure Theory Contents: Intro to Electronic Structure Theory; Integral Notation and Hartree-Fock MO Theory; Basis Sets; Configuration Interaction; Density Functional Theory; Many-body Perturbation Theory; Couple . . . . .
An introduction to the tight binding approximation---implementation by diagonalisation
Author: Paxton A.T.  Language:
An introduction to the tight binding approximation---implementation by diagonalisation “Tight binding” has existed for many years as a convenient and transparent model for the description of electronic structure in molecules and solids. It often provides the basis for construction of . . . . .
Introduction to Solid-State Physics
Author: Nayak  Language:
Introduction to Solid-State Physics Introduction to solid state physics, contents: review of quantum mechanics, broken traslation invariance in solids, electronic bands.
Introduction to electronic structure calculations
Author: Dr. Arkady V. Krasheninnikov  Language:
List of contents: Review of the basics of quantum mechanics, The Born-Oppenheimer approximation, Diatomic molecules, Hartree and Hartree-Fock approximations, Semi-empirical methods, Tight-binding app . . . . .
Solid State Physics
Author: Dr Ian Ford  Language:
Solid State Physics Solid State Physics course notes about: Free electron model Beyond the free electron model Dynamics of electrons in bands Semiconductors . . . . .
Solid State Physics: Problems and No Solutions
Author: László Mihály and Michael C. Martin  Language:
Contents: Crystal Structures; Interatomic Forces, Lattice Vibrations;Electronic Band Structure; Density of States; Elementary Excitations; Thermodynamics of Noninteracting Quasiparticles; Transport Pr . . . . .
Why holes are not like electrons
Author: J.E. Hirsch  Language:
This is a series of 4 papers on the different behaviour between electrons and holes in solid state physics:
1) http://arxiv.org/abs/cond-mat/0109385< . . . . .

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