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Advanced Mechanics

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The Elements of Mechanics
Author: Giovanni Gallavotti  Language:
In my opinion the best book of mechanics I never read. Contents: Phenomenic Reality and models;Qualitative Aspects of One-Dimensional Motion; Systems with Many Degrees of Freedom. Theory of the cons . . . . .
Appunti di Meccanica Razionale
Author: E. Scacciatelli  Language:
Un buona libro di meccanica razionale completamente gratuito da scaricare.
Lagrangian Mechanics, Dynamics, and Control
Author: Andrew D. Lewis  Language:
Contents: Newtonian mechanics in Galilean spacetimes; Lagrangian mechanics; Lagrangian dynamics; An introduction to control theory for Lagrangian systems; Linear algebra; Differential calculus; Ordin . . . . .
Analytical Classical Dynamics
Author: Richard Fitzpatrick  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Vectors; Fundamentals; One-dimensional motion; Multi-dimensional motion; Planetary motion ; Two-body dynamics; Non-inertial reference frames; Rigid body motion; Lagrangian dyna . . . . .
Meccanica Razionale
Author: Francesco Fassò  Language:
Contenuto: L\'equazione di Newton; Sistemi vincolati ed equazioni di Lagrange; Meccanica Lagrangiana; Sistemi Meccanici Classici; Meccanica Hamiltoniana; Sistemi Integrabili; Suggerimenti e soluz . . . . .
Advanced mechanics
Author: Eric Poisson  Language:
Contents: Newtonian mechanics; Lagrangian mechanics; Hamiltonian mechanics; Term project: Motion around a black hole.
Mécanique Analytique
Author: F. Mila et P. De Los Rios  Language:
Table des matières: Rappels de mécanique newtonienne; Les équations de Lagrange; Les équations de Hamilton; L'espace de phases; Introduction aus systèmes dynamiques
Classical Field Theory
Author: Gleb Arutyunov  Language:
The aim of the course is to introduce the basic methods of classical field theory and to apply them in a variety of physical models ranging from clas- sical electrodynamics to macroscopic theory of . . . . .
Lectures on Classical Dynamics
Author: David Tong  Language:
Contents: Newtonian Mechanics, The Lagrangian Formulation, The Motion of Rigid Bodies, The Hamiltonian Formulation.
Classical Mechanics
Author: Prof. J. J. Binney Michaelmas Term 2005  Language:
Contents: The calculus of variations & Euler{Lagrange equations; principle of least action; equations of motion in strange coordinates; rigid-body dynamics; motion in an electromagnetic ¯eld; applica . . . . .
Perturbation Theory
Author: Giovanni Gallavotti  Language:
A review article on perturbation theory.
Meccanica Razionale
Author: Professor E. Presutti  Language:
Buon libro di meccanica razionale, tratta di : stabilità , sistemi con vincoli , equazioni di Hamilton, meccanica analitica
Foundations of Mechanics
Author: Ralph Abraham and Jerrold E. Marsden  Language:
Foundations of Mechanics The audience for the book is: mathematicians, physicists, and engineers interested in geometrical methods in mechanics, assuming a background in calculus, linear algebra, some classical analysis, and . . . . .

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