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Functional Analysis

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Functional Analysis and Semi-Groups
Author: Einar Hille and Ralph S. Phillips  Language:
Functional Analysis and Semi-Groups Contents: Functional Analysis; Basic Properties of Semi-Groups; Advanced Analytical Theory of Semi-Groups; Special Semi-Groups and Applications; Extensions of the Theory.
The Convenient Setting of Global Analysis
Author: Andreas Kriegl and Peter W. Michor  Language:
The Convenient Setting of Global Analysis Contents: 1. Calculus of Smooth Mappings 2. Calculus of Holomorphic and Real Analytic Mappings 3. Partitions of Unity 4. Smoothly Realcompact spaces 5. Extensions and Liftings of . . . . .
Corso di Analisi Funzionale
Author: Luciano Pandolfi  Language:
This text introduces the basic elements of Linear Functional Analysis: Banach spaces and linear operators; spectrum and resolvent; Baire Theorem and its consequences; Hahn-Banach Theorem; dual spaces . . . . .
Monotone Operators in Banach Space and Nonlinear PDE
Author: R.E. Showalter  Language:
Monotone Operators in Banach Space and Nonlinear PDE Contents: 1. Linear Problems...an Introduction 2. Nonlinear Stationary Problems 3. Nonlinear Evolution Problems 4. Accretive Operators and Nonlinear Cauchy Problems.
Harmonic Function Theory
Author: Sheldon Axler, Paul Bourdon, and Wade Ramey  Language:
Harmonic Function Theory The second edition of this book about harmonic functions in Euclidean space was published in 2001 by Springer in its Graduate Texts in Mathematics series. Readers with a background in real and complex . . . . .
Introduction to Microlocal Analysis
Author: Richard Melrose  Language:
Contents: Tempered distributions and the Fourier transform; Pseudodifferential operators on Euclidean space; Isotropic and scattering calculi; Microlocalization; Pseudodifferential operators on mani . . . . .
Hilbert Space Methods for Partial Differential Equations
Author: R. E. Showalter  Language:
This book is an outgrowth of a course which we have given almost periodically over the last eight years. It is addressed to beginning graduate students of mathematics, engineering, and the physical sc . . . . .
Functional Analysis
Author: Paul Garrett  Language:
Contents: Metric spaces; Spaces of functions; Hilbert spaces; Banach spaces; Applications of Banach space ideas to Fourier series; operators on Hilbert space; spectral theorem for self-adjoint compac . . . . .
Nonarchimedean Functional Analysis
Author: Peter Schneider  Language:
Contents: Foundations; The structure of Banach spaces; Duality theory; Nuclear maps and spaces; Reference.
Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
Author: Björn E.J. Dahlberg and Carlos E. Kenig  Language:
Contents: Introduction; Dirichlet Problem for Lipschitz Domain; profs of theorem; existence of solution.
Functional Analysis (topological vector space version)
Author: Dr I F Wilde   Language:
Contents: Topological Spaces; Nets Product Spaces; Separation; Vector Spaces; Topological Vector Spaces; Locally Convex Topological Vector Spaces; Banach Spaces;The Dual Space of a Normed Space; F . . . . .
An Introduction to C*-Algebras
Author: P. de la Harpe and Vaughan Jones  Language:
An Introduction to C*-Algebras
Functional Analysis
Author: Feng Tian, Palle E.T. Jorgensen  Language:
Notes from a course taught by Palle Jorgensen in the fall semester of 2009. The course covered central themes in functional analysis and operator theory, with an emphasis on topics of special relevanc . . . . .
Special Course in Functional Analysis: (Non-)Commutative Topology
Author: Ville Turunen  Language:
What is this good for? You may learn something about functional analytic framework of topology. And you will get an access to more advanced literature on non-commutative geometry, a quite recent top . . . . .
Functional analysis lecture notes
Author: T.B. Ward  Language:
Contents: Normed Linear Spaces; Banach spaces; Linear Transformations; Integration; Hilbert spaces; Fourier analysis.
Holomorphic Methods in Analysis and Mathematical Physics
Author: Brian C. Hall  Language:
Contents: basics of holomorphic function spaces; examples of holomorphic function spaces; a special property of the Segal-Bargmann and weighted Bergamann spaces; canonical commutation relations; the S . . . . .
Measure Theory and Functional Analysis
Author: Vitali Liskevich  Language:
Lecture Notes on Measure Theory and Integration.
Lecture notes on functional analysis
Author: Douglas N. Arnold  Language:
Contents: Vector spaces and their topology; Linear Operators and Functionals ; Fundamental Theorems; Weak Topologies; Compact Operators and their Spectra; Introduction to General Spectral Theory.

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