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Semiconductor Spintronics
Author: J. Fabian, A. Matos-Abiague, C. Ertler, P. Stano, I. Zutic  Language:
Spintronics refers commonly to phenomena in which the spin of electrons in a solid state environment plays the determining role. In a more narrow sense spintronics is an emerging research field of ele . . . . .
Non-collinear Magnetoelectronics
Author: Arne Brataas, Gerrit E.W. Bauer, Paul J. Kelly  Language:
The electron transport properties of hybrid ferromagnetic|normal metal structures such as multilayers and spin valves depend on the relative orientation of the magnetization direction of the ferromagn . . . . .
Ab-initio methods for spin-transport at the nanoscale level
Author: S. Sanvito  Language:
Recent advances in atomic and nano-scale growth and characterization techniques have led to the production of modern magnetic materials and magneto-devices which reveal a range of new fascinating phen . . . . .
Lecture notes on spintronics
Author: Rembert Duine   Language:
Contents: Introduction; Path integrals for spins; Simple models for ferromagnetism; Phenomenology of magnetism; Spin Valves;Spin transfer torques for smooth magnetization textures; Domain Wall Motion . . . . .
Spin Transport in Organic Semiconductors: A Brief Overview of the First Eight Years
Author: Kazi M. Alam, Sandipan Pramanik  Language:
In this article we briefly review the current state of the experimental research on spin polarized transport in organic semiconductors. These systems, which include small molecular weight compound . . . . .
Molecular Spintronics
Author: Masashi Shiraishi, Tadaaki Ikoma  Language:
Molecular spintronics is recognized to as an attractive new research direction in a field of spintronics, following to metallic spintronics and inorganic semiconductor spintronics, and attracts many p . . . . .
Spin Currents in Semiconductor Nanostructures: A Nonequilibrium Green-Function Approach
Author: Branislav K. Nikolic, Liviu P. Zarbo, Satofumi Souma  Language:
This chapter of "The Oxford Handbook of Nanoscience and Technology: Frontiers and Advances" reviews nonequilibrium Green function (NEGF) approach to modeling spin current generation, transport, and de . . . . .
Lecture Notes on Semiconductor Spintronics
Author: Tomasz Dietl  Language:
These informal lecture notes describe the progress in semiconductor spintronics in a historic perspective as well as in a comparison to achievements of spintronics of ferromagnetic metals. After outli . . . . .
The standard model of spin injection
Author: Jaroslav Fabian, Igor Zutic  Language:
1 Introduction 2 Simple model of spin injection 3 Spin-polarized transport: concepts and definitions 4 The standard model of spin injection: F/N junction 5 Nonequilibrium resistance and spin bottlenec . . . . .
Diffusive spin transport
Author: Cord A. Mueller  Language:
Information to be stored and transported requires physical carriers. The quantum bit of information (qubit) can for instance be realised as the spin 1/2 degree of freedom of a massive particle like an . . . . .
Spin transport
Author: Cord Axel Müller  Language:
Contents: Irreducible spin superoperators; Mesoscopic spin transport; Quantum dot spin computation.

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